12 gourmet tables to explore the delights of the French mountains

The proximity of the mountains is a great source of creativity for French chefs. Wild plants, lakes, herds in the pastures, and the unique climate of these high-altitude regions give rise to a wide variety of local food products, as flavorful as they are exceptional. Visiting a locavore restaurant in the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Vosges Massif, or the Jura Mountains is therefore a complete experience. A delightful moment that combines with a refreshing stroll or a skiing excursion to admire snow-capped peaks and wild nature.

Le Kairn: Bistronomic Experience in the 3 Valleys (Alps)

The restaurant of Chalet Hôtel Kaya in Les Menuires is a stylish wooden refuge with a cozy atmosphere. On the plate, you'll find a friendly and locally inspired bistro cuisine with impeccable presentation: crispy Savoie ham and Reblochon, einkorn risotto, Vacherin like a Mont Blanc, mountain blueberry tart, and more. With a beautiful terrace overlooking the slopes of the resort and a spacious dining room within the hotel's magnificent chalet, Le Kairn is the place to warm up with generous dishes!

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La Ferme des Vônezins: Typical Alpine Mountain Restaurant in Haute-Savoie (French Alps)

Located near La Clusaz, facing Mont Lachat, between the alpine pastures of the Beauregard plateau and the Aravis mountain range, this typical farmhouse has been tastefully renovated while honoring traditions. The warm atmosphere and dishes lovingly crafted are key attributes of this exceptional place. The cuisine skillfully expresses the flavors of the region, elevating local and seasonal ingredients: a reinvented "farçon" (a traditional dish made from potatoes, bacon, and dried fruits) by the house, morel mushroom-flambéed "croûte," and a casserole of snails with wild mushrooms are just a few highlights.

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Les Fermes de Marie: Farm Products in the Charming Village of Megève (French Alps)

The restaurant is housed in a five-star hotel with authentic and elegant luxury, Les Fermes de Marie. The 9 charming chalets that make up the establishment are exclusively constructed with materials from several centuries-old alpine farms. The chef advocates for flavorful cuisine made from simple and authentic products, prepared based on the market's offerings. They prioritize talented producers selected according to the seasons, mountain lake fish, locally raised meat cuts, and cheeses from the Boujon establishment in Thonon-les-Bains. On the menu, you'll find cuisine that is both gourmet and local: creamy Savoie polenta, alpine Beaufort cheese in ravioli, and Crozet pasta with whole wheat.

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Maison Aribert: Natural Starred Gastronomy in Uriage-les-Bains, Isère (French Alps)

Here is a uniquely distinguished two-starred restaurant. The chef, Christophe Aribert, is a native son of Grenoble who loves pine trees, forests, and the mountains of Isère. The restaurant serves as a model of sustainability, both in its design and organization. As such, the chef sources ingredients as directly as possible from Mother Nature: herbs and mountain roots, fish from nearby lakes, fruits, vegetables, and flowers from the house garden. His guilty pleasure? Extracting the essence of each local product and enhancing them by creating dishes of great subtlety.

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Le Clos des Sens: Plant-Based and Lacustrine Cuisine Excellence in Annecy (French Alps)

Located at the crossroads of three major alpine lakes: Lac du Bourget, Lac d'Annecy, and Lac Léman, this establishment has made the most of its environment and offers a truly unique culinary experience. All ingredients used come from the garden or from producers located within 100 kilometers. Chef Franck Derouet enjoys preparing fish from the nearby rivers and lakes. Seasonal fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs adorn each plate: creamy polenta with pike eggs, perch with garden green curry, and fine chicory tart. The exceptional wine list is entirely dedicated to winemakers from the Alpine arc. Le Clos des Sens is part of the Grandes Tables du Monde, an exclusive club of 170 restaurants selected across 5 continents!

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L'Anversis: A Delightful Mountain Restaurant in Lamoura (Jura)

This welcoming establishment is located near Les Rousses, one of the main ski resorts in the Jura Mountains. Here, people come together to enjoy a delicious cuisine that is committed, local, seasonal, and nature-friendly. On the menu: organic Comté cheese fondue, forest crust with Jura's yellow wine, and escargots cooked with local absinthe.

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Autour de l'Âtre: 100% Organic and Traditional Cuisine (Jura)

Autour de l'Âtre: A Charming Countryside Table Bridging Producers and Food Enthusiasts

This charming countryside establishment aims to be a bridge between producers and food enthusiasts. On the plate, you'll find simple cuisine that emphasizes the discovery and delicate taste of ingredients. The three menus offered, Autour de l'Âtre 4 courses, Autour de l'Âtre 6 courses, and Autour de la Truffe Noire, are designed based on daily arrivals. Local products, always in season and sourced from organic agriculture, make up the generous dishes on the table: braised Treviso with beets, dill, and smoked eel, wood-grilled beef with Jerusalem artichokes, chestnuts, and black truffle.

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La Maison Lacube: A Farmhouse Restaurant in Ariège (Pyrenees)

La Maison Lacube: A Farmhouse Restaurant in Ariège (Pyrenees)

This restaurant was established by Gascon cattle farmers from the Beille plateau to better showcase the local Pyrenean products. All the menus are homemade using fresh ingredients sourced from nearly 40 local producers. By tasting these simple and comforting dishes, you'll discover an authentic land with a thousand flavors: grilled pork ribs from farm-raised pigs, trout meunière style, melted Ariège camembert, and marrow bones. Right next door, the shop offers assortments to extend the tasting experience at home.

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La Coopérative: Gastronomic Restaurant of the Riberach Winery Estate (Pyrenees)

The Riberach Winery Estate is located not far from Puigmal, the highest multi-slope ski resort in the Pyrenees with a peak slope altitude of 2700 meters. The estate houses an eco-lodge hotel with a stunning panoramic terrace, a spa, and a gourmet restaurant that was awarded a Green Michelin Star in 2022. Julien Montassié's natural gastronomy certainly deserves this distinction. This creative and attentive chef has been trained by some of the best: Michel Troisgros, Gilles Goujon, and Laurent Lemal. His menu surprises throughout the year by prioritizing seasonal products and local small-scale producers: Saleilles truffles, Néfiach honey, Elne vegetables, and Sournia beef. The dishes are paired with wines from the estate or neighboring domains crafted through biodynamic or natural processes.

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Le Mouton Noir: Mountain Restaurant in Luz-Saint-Sauveur (Pyrenees)

Le Mouton Noir: A family-owned restaurant located in the charming mountain village of Luz-Saint-Sauveur, offering simple, local, and generous cuisine. People come here to delight in regional products such as Pyrenean tartiflette, locally grilled meats on the plancha, trout from nearby rivers, and Gascon black pork. Other advantages include the warm and friendly atmosphere of the place, ensuring a great time of conviviality. Additionally, around the village, the Luz-Saint-Sauveur valley offers a multitude of sunny walks and exceptional viewpoints.

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Le Strasbourg: Savor the Natural Flavors in Bitche, Moselle (Vosges)

This establishment offers creative and local cuisine in Bitche, a charming retreat located in the Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park. At the helm, Chef Lutz Janisch presents quality dishes exclusively sourced from neighboring producers: goat cheese from Amélie in Walschbronn, seasonal organic vegetables from Ferme Vegetal Respekt in Sturzelbronn, trout from Christophe Werner in Eguelshardt, Bliesgau lambs, and game from Domaine du Rauschenbourg in Ingwiller. A charming unique feature is the use of flowers and aromatic herbs from the garden, some of which are quite rare, adding a myriad of flavors to the dishes.

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Les Bas-Rupts: Continuing for 5 Generations in Gérardmer (Vosges)

Les Bas-Rupts is a collection of chalets situated on the heights of Gérardmer, in the heart of the Vosges forest and close to many mountain hiking trails. This beautiful Vosges wooden establishment has been managed by the Philippe-Witdouck family for five generations. The restaurant offers an exceptional wine list and authentic cuisine inspired by the region: variations of freshwater fish, gravlax and smoked trout cannelloni, goose foie gras and sauerkraut confit. The history of this passionate family of hoteliers and restaurateurs, along with the typical Vosges atmosphere of the place, is truly appreciated.

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