Winter Fun without Skis

In winter, the mountains offer plenty of activities that don’t involve skiing!

Nowadays, for example, many resorts offer husky treks a perfect option for those looking to get away from it all and to enjoy close contact with animals.
Under the watchful eye of professional guides, you’ll discover the importance of the pack leader, the vital role played by the harness, and the intense relationship that develops between man and dog as you travel across mountain trails on a dog sled.

A trip by snowmobile is also a must for those keen to experience the real buzz of the mountains.
Excursions generally begin once the ski slopes have closed for the day. At the head of the convoy, a professional rider will open up a track for those behind, adjusting the pace as necessary and anticipating sections which have varying degrees of difficulty.
Snow scooters offer an opportunity for some breathtaking treks along barely touched trails in the heart of nature and far from any sign of habitation.

Lastly, to keep yourself in trim, why not recharge your batteries with some invigorating spa treatments!
Numerous options are available to you. For a holiday with more of a sporting focus, work out your fitness profile with a personal coach to create tailored exercises.
To help you re-energize and enjoy the full benefits of the mountains, the majority of French resorts now offer fitness and wellbeing centers with highly qualified professional staff.

Plenty of opportunities and options to keep you happy and to enable you to enjoy the mountains from a different perspective!