Hotel Accor Hotel : GREET

Introduced by the Accor group in 2019 – greet has been giving places, objects, and people a second chance at life.

Since its first opening in 2019, greet has been the Accor Group's new economy brand, giving a second life to places, objects and people.

© greet hotel Beaune
© GREET hotel Beaune

Used furniture for unconventional décor, local products, collaborations with significant partners, job opportunities for individuals undergoing retraining—greet seeks to establish a circular hospitality movement!

Learn about the repurposed furniture that adds character and coziness to every hotel.

greet hotel Bordeaux Floirac
© GREET hotel Bordeaux Floirac

Our hotels are full of ideas for repurposing common materials, from vintage tables, chairs, and breakfast buffets to lighting fixtures built from skateboards and cake molds.

© greet hotel Castres
© GREET hotel Castres

We support short supply chains and avoidance of food waste because we care about our local communities as much as we do about our guests.

Come and taste quality, seasonal products such as our regional jams or fresh bread from the bakery next door.

© greet hotel Evreux
© GREET hotel Evreux

Our hotels make cakes and snacks using the elements left over from breakfast.

Fruit that is no longer fresh is the basis of infusions served as a welcome drink on arrival!

© greet hotel Marseille Provence Aéroport
© GREET hotel Marseille Provence Aéroport

Gather around the large communal table, enjoy our family rooms or take part in the activities offered by our hotels.

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