Palaces de France: Spotlight on talent!

An exceptional staging to highlight the talents of the Palaces de France, the emblematic actors mobilized to illustrate the French know-how in terms of hospitality excellence.

The 24 Palaces de France and their teams of professionals, the general managers, the chefs and the reception professions, are dedicated to their customers with the objectives of providing a unique experience and meeting their specific needs.

Gathered in this symbolic photo taken by Rip Hopkins, illustrating THE emblematic view of Paris through a staging on the roof of the Arc de Triomphe, these professionals of French excellence wish to open the door of their Palace and implement the battery of exclusive services to receive a demanding clientele who will appreciate the elegance and the charm of these establishments.

Present in different regions of France, the Palaces de France share common values and a dynamic that contributes to developing the attractiveness of France and its influence abroad.

This specific heritage brings together the finest services, a world-renowned gastronomy all orchestrated by French talents to keep a memory of an experience rich in meaning!