French excellence on the big screen

Gaspard Ulliel interprets Yves Saint-Laurent in Bertrand Bonello's film ‘Saint Laurent’

When French cinema invites itself into France’s most prestigious palace buildings, from the Louvre to Versailles, and explores the history of its great creators such as Yves Saint-Laurent – it’s a whirlwind! Get a taste for it in the ‘French excellence’ compilation presented by UniFrance and, on the occasion of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. Stunning!

Architecture, art, fashion... the cinema is a mirror for French culture, which radiates through its films. From haute-couture fashion shows to theatrical performances, from JR and Agnès Varda’s wild escapade to the Louvre, to Natalie Portman’s and Lili-Rose Depp’s strolls in 1930s Paris and the extraordinary 17th-century feasts given at Versailles, French cinema is the best ambassador for the country’s culture and major sites.

In these exceptional places, embodying the savoir-faire of excellence, you encounter Kristen Stewart, Lili-Rose Depp, Eva Mendes, Natalie Portman, Ulliel Gaspard, Pierre Niney, Virginia Efira, Edward Baer, Cécile de France, JR and the late Agnès Varda, Omar Sy, Louis Garrel...

Following in their footsteps, the compilation ‘French excellence’ invites viewers to rediscover France through its culture – which is everywhere. If you too love French cinema, live it! ‘Love French movies? Live them!’

The clips from the compilation ‘French excellence’ are taken from the following films:

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