France’s stunning diversity

« La France se nomme diversité. » (France is a land of diversity) Fernand Braudel

There’s certainly more than a hint of diversity in a country which boasts three seas, three oceans, five mountain ranges, a handful of overseas territories and around 5,500km of coastline. This incredibly varied country is home to landscapes, regions, cultures and sites which are as different one from another as they are interconnected.

Enjoy a rendez-vous with France’s stunning natural landscapes

Long beaches in the north, a rocky coastline to the west and wild creeks in the south offer plenty of opportunities for sand-yachting, thalassotherapy treatments, surfing and sailing along the Mediterranean coast. Inland France also boasts numerous attractions, with no fewer than 46 regional nature reserves, as well as rivers and streams which create diverse landscapes such as the Tarn gorges and the banks of the Loire. Wedged between two valleys, the high mountain peaks and foothills of the country offer a wide choice of exciting activities and adventures in summer and winter alike. For example, France is home to the legendary Vallée Blanche (white valley) which lies in the heart of the Mont Blanc mountain range.

Enjoy a rendez-vous with France’s fascinating historical sites

Castles, museums, cathedrals and monuments are dotted throughout the country. Each region, département, town and village bears witness to the country’s rich cultural and artistic heritage. With attractions such as the Louvre museum, Loire castles, Mont-Saint-Michel and Lascaux caves, France is a veritable open-air museum which is home to no fewer than 38 UNESCO World Heritage sites. France is also a destination which commemorates important world events, with sites such as the “Chemins de la Grande Guerre” focusing on places of interest from the First World War, and the Second World War D-Day landing beaches.

Enjoy a rendez-vous with France’s rich culture

Enjoy internationally renowned festivals such as those in Cannes, Avignon and Marciac, or events such as the Fête de la Musique, Heritage Days and Fête de la Gastronomie.

Enjoy a rendez-vous with France’s unique way of life

Lastly, enjoy those special experiences which are unique to France. Fashion, food and wine are just a few of the things which help to forge the identity of France.

Enjoy a rendez-vous with France’s amazing diversity!