Cellular Abroad: International Data and Cell Phone Service

An easy way to stay connected while you travel to France.

SAVE AN ADDITIONAL $20 on your Phone, SIM card, or MIFI hotspot in France! Stay in touch and browse the web on your phone, iPad or any other device. Using your phone or tablet in France can be affordable, if you know what to do. Traveling abroad doesn't mean you have to leave behind all contact with your friends and family at home. Cellular Abroad, a National Geographic Licensee based in Los Angeles, offers an easy and affordable solution for cell phones, international SIM cards, and mobile internet in France.

Their cell phones and mobile wifi hotspots are designed to make and receive calls and access the internet at great prices (Calls to the US are only 0.05 Euro cents per minute and incoming calls are free in France!), and they have great reception across all of metropolitan France, as well as other European countries. In addition, calls to other travelers with a Cellular Abroad phone are always free, which makes it a great option if you're traveling with friends and need to coordinate while you're on the ground. You can rent or buy phones, mobile hotspots, or SIM cards according to your needs.

Cellular Abroad's mobile wifi hotspot is also a convenient option for connecting to the internet wherever you are in France. For those who have never used a MiFi, they are fantastic devices. They function as a mobile hotspot, allowing you to use up to five wi-fi enabled devices to access the web. Use your iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC or other mobile device to surf the internet, Skype friends and family at home, access GPS maps, and upload images and video with ease.

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