Biking in Burgundy

This regionis just perfect for itineraries by bike to discover the amazing landscape

Along theCanal du Centre for water lovers { 128 km }

Startingfrom the plain of the Saône, this route connects the vineyard to the outskirtsof Santenay before a complete change of scenery: further West, it crosses theCharolais region and green countryside, joining the Loire Valley in Digoin,ending in the charming spa town of Bourbon-Lancy

7 round-trip circuits starting from thisroute offer the opportunity of beautiful getaways to the heart of SouthernBurgundy:

- Les balcons de la Dheune starting fromSaint-Julien-sur-Dheune (27 km)

- La Vallée de la Dheune et la CôteViticole starting from Santenay (18,5 km)

- Le Grand Tour de la Montagne de Chasseystarting from Remigny (23,8 km)

- Vignobles de la Côte Chalonnaisestarting from Fontaines (21 km)

- Les lavoirs de Fontaines starting fromFontaines (8 km)

- Le vin, l’eau et la pierre starting fromFontaines (14 km)

- La forêtde Chagny starting from Fragnes (27 km)

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Along thecanal du Nivernais for lovers of unspoiled landscapes { 175 km }

BetweenNièvre and Yonne, this route follows the canal du Nivernais through the fertilefarmlands of the Bazois region, along the Morvan massif, slips into the Vauxd’Yonne and ends at the beautiful slopes of Auxerrois. A cycle route throughnatural beauty and the world of canals. Explore depending on your affinitiesand interests. The course has been divided into several sections: EscaleConfluence (29 km), Nature Escale (2 x 30 km), Escale Floating Wood (45 km),Villages Escale (17 km) and Escale Vineyard (35 km).

Routesstarting from the banks of the canal du Nivernais offer the opportunity ofbeautiful getaways to the Nièvre and Yonne regions of Burgundy:

- Boucle de Champs-sur-Yonne >Saint-Bris-le-Vineux (12,6 km)

-Vincelottes > Cravant (11,3 km) starting from Vincelles

- Mailly-le-Château > Arcy-sur-Cure(12,9 km)

- Boucle de Merry-sur-Yonne (11,6 km)

- Château de Faulin > Pousseaux (12,7km) starting from Lichères-sur-Yonne

- Chevroches > Dornecy (10,2 km)

- Marigny-sur-Yonne > la Chaise (10,9km)

- Boucle des Etangs de Baye et de Vaux (5km) starting from Baye

- Boucle de Châtillon-en-Bazois (10 km)

- Champvert> La Machine (12 km)

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Along theCanal de Bourgogne for culture and food lovers { 242 km }

Alternatively,towpaths and quiet roads link Migennes to Dijon, a route that’s ideal formountain and hybrid bicycles. From the Tonnerre region to the Ouche valley,passing through the Auxois region, this route offers a rich journey throughBurgundy’s vineyards and farmland, châteaux and industrial heritage,picturesque villages and large towns.

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Along theriver Loire for nature lovers { 157 km }

AsFrance’s last “wild river”, the Loire is home to a host of natural habitatsbrimming with flora and fauna, all just waiting to be discovered as you strollalong the riverbanks and towpaths of its side canal.

Althoughmostly outside Burgundy, this route ‘‘borders’’ closely with its boundarieswith many stop-offs in charming cities rich in heritage and stunninglandscapes. To the South, in Iguerande, this Green Route runs some 20 km up toRoanne, the gateway to the Loire department.

4available routes starting on the banks of the Loire offer the opportunityof beautiful getaways.

- Champvert > La Machine (12 km)

- Le Far West : Cronat > Bourbon-Lancy(51,3 km)

- Boucle « Le Tour de la Forêt de Germigny» starting from Saint-

Aubin-sur-Loire (24 km)

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The ‘‘Voie Verte’’, perfect for families {74 km }

In 1997, theSaône-et-Loire region launched the first ‘‘Voie verte’’ in France, whichquickly became a benchmark across France and abroad. From Chalon-sur-Saône tothe gateway of Mâcon, this route crosses the landscapes dominated by the Rocksof Solutré, Pouilly and Vergisson, labelled as ‘‘Grands Sites de France’’. Itcombines visits to Côte Chalonnaise vineyards and heritage sites testifying tothe spiritual influence of Cluny and poetic reminiscences of the ValLamartinien.

This routein particularly offers travelling through a tunnel: the Bois Clair tunnel.

Analternative route of 9.5 km allows you to bypass it. You can reach the Canal duCentre by a route from Etiveau to Saint-Laurent-d’Andenay.

Round-tripcircuits starting from the « Voie Verte » starting from thisroute offer the opportunity of beautiful getaways to the heart of SouthernBurgundy:

- Balade enCôte Chalonnaise starting from Givry (28 km)

- La valléede l’Orbize starting from Givry (7 km)

- Balade encampagne starting from Jully-lès-Buxy (27 km)

- A la rencontre des potiers starting fromSaint-Gengoux-le-National (13 km)

- Chapaizestarting from Saint-Gengoux-le-National (23 km)

- Leslavoirs starting from Savigny-sur-Grosne (26 km)

- De la Grosne à la Guye starting fromSavigny-sur-Grosne (45 km)

- Leséglises romanes (2) starting from Cormatin (15 and 31 km)

- De Cluny àCormatin (2) starting from Cluny (31 and 47 km)

- Le Val Lamartinien: joyau paysagerstarting from Prissé (21,5 km)

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