Beaune Sweet Home

Let Beaune surprise you!

Halfway between Lyon and Paris, providing a must-visit stop-off point, Beaune proudly bears its title of Burgundy’s Wine (External link) Capital. Its name, along with those of such enchanting close neighbours as Corton-Charlemagne, Puligny-Montrachet, Pommard and Meursault, is well known right around the world. But this old city, with her medieval charm, hides plenty of well-kept secrets behind her ramparts.
Yet there’s no hiding her greatest architectural treasure - the Hôtel-Dieu (External link) . This 15th-century hospital building really stands out in the heart of Beaune, like Notre Dame Cathedral does in the centre of Paris.

Discover The Hospices de Beaune: Hôtel-Dieu

Beaune's heart beats to the rhythm of the comings and goings of the Hospices (External link) , which is now a museum. Its glazed tiles are reflected in the warm look of the locals who welcome you with a reserved but reassuring smile. And it’s these people of Beaune, Burgundians proud of their vineyards and the riches they produce, who’ll happily reveal the secrets of this wonderful French town, surrounded by centuries-old vineyards.

Discovering Beaune means getting to know all about French cuisine

None of Beaune’s residents leave their city without the hope of one day returning. Adeline is one of those who left Beaune to travel the world but, once replete with inspiration from foreign lands, eventually returned to her roots, those of Burgundy and its wine. Having exercised her talents as a chef in Italy, then shared her passion for French cuisine in the United States, Adeline from Terroirs (External link) by Adeline invites you to experience Burgundy through its fine food and wine. Her generosity is such that she finds it impossible to keep her recipes to herself. Unable to welcome her "apprentice chefs" due to mandatory confinement, she’s posted on Instagram (External link) cooking sessions that would warm the heart of a sleeping crocodile, such as her exclusive recipe for “gougères”.

A tour of Burgundy by bike that’s worthy of the Tour de France

Florian and his team (External link) have been crisscrossing the Route des Vins and Voie des Vignes for many years. Suffice to say that they know off by heart all the ups and downs of these charming routes that wind their way through lush vineyards, sunny hillsides, and the peaceful banks of the Saône. And yet, they’ve been taking advantage of the lull in activity over recent weeks to discover new hidden viewpoints, new little-known wine estates and, of course, to keep their bikes in fine fettle.

Life goes on in Burgundy's vineyards

France is on hold for a few more days, but the vineyards are alive to the footsteps of the winemakers. The vines can’t wait, won’t stand still, and make their own demands. To produce wines of the quality we’ve all come to expect requires the full attention of these passionate men and women. Youri Lebault of Burgundy Gold Tour (External link) , organiser of private tours in the vineyards, braved the confinement for a few moments to go and meet them.