Air France, sustainably fueling the future

From reducing and offsetting emissions to stripping back single-use plastic, Air France is ramping up its efforts in eco-friendly flying.

Whether you’re travelling within France or heading off on a long haul flight, the experience with Air France leaves a smaller footprint than ever before. The airline is making big changes: from the cockpit to the tail, and on the tarmac, as part of a sustainability strategy that promises to propel Air France towards a greener 2030.

A lighter flight on Air France

New additions to the Air France fleet are emitting significantly less than the planes they’re replacing, thanks to the use of increasingly lightweight construction materials. Clever improvements to seats and baggage compartment design mean fewer emissions. Its Airbus A220s- 300s for example, use 25% less fuel, and the latestgeneration A350, made from materials which are 67% lighter, are making their own contribution. Every 1kg removed from its aircraft fleet is saving a huge 69 tonnes of C02, equivalent to taking 14.6 passenger vehicles off the road for a year.
Reforestation projects by Air France
Travellers can support reforestation projects to reduce their environmental impact.

Ready, set… offset

Air France is one of many airlines taking steps towards being carbon neutral. Already since the start of 2020, 100% of domestic flight emissions are being offset to make travel in domestic France carbon neutral for around 57,000 customers a day. That’s significant, with the company’s 450 flights across France each day. Travellers wanting to reduce their environmental impact even further can support local and international reforestation projects by participating in its ‘Trip and Tree by Air France’ program at 120,000 trees have already been planted on four continents.

wasted, sorted

Next time you discard that empty water or champagne glass on your meal tray, rest easy knowing they will be sorted (and recycled) in France or Europe. That includes plastic bottles, Tetra Pak cartons, aluminium cans and glass bottles. In a year, that equates to 7 million plastic bottles, 3 million cartons and 6 million cans.

Air France is waging a war on plastic
Air France is waging a war on plastic

say goodbye to single-use on Air France flights

Air France (External link) is already waging a war on plastic, reducing 1,300 tonnes of single-use plastic onboard each year with sustainable alternatives. The company has swapped 100 million plastic cups with paper, and 85 million items of cutlery with items manufactured and packaged from bio-sourced materials. Haven’t seen a plastic stick onboard lately? That’s because they were ditched in 2015.

Fuelling the future

Biofuel research and development is on Air France’s radar, too, with the organisation heavily involved in biofuel testing partnerships and initiatives in the aviation sector. It’s also looking to progressively introduce biofuel to its flights. Air France planes departing San Francisco are already using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) as part of a 16-month project aimed at saving 6,000 tonnes of C02 over the fuel’s life cycle. Next time you board an Air France flight, sit back, relax, and give Air France’s lofty goal of a greener aviation future some thought.

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