New Caledonia: what to do, what to see…

Bounded by the Loyalty Islands to the east and the Île des Pins to the South, New Caledonia lies at the heart of the world’s biggest lagoon: 24,000 km² of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The islands are also unusual for their joyous mix of cultures.

What to see in New Caledonia

• Lifou Island

With its long white sandy beaches, caves, cliffs and crystal clear waters, Lifou offers spectacular diving and hiking spots. Beyond the beauty of nature, it is the benevolent and friendly welcome of the inhabitants of the island that marks the visitors ...

• Blue River Provincial Park

This park is ideal for nature lovers and the discovery of Caledonian fauna and flora. The hiking trails are accessible for the whole family. We meet cagus (endemic bird) in their natural environment. It is possible to camp on the spot.

• Amedee lighthouse islet

Located about 40 minutes by boat from Nouméa, Amédée islet (the Amédée lighthouse for Caledonians) is a must. The lighthouse on the white sand is synonymous with many activities, including diving for beginners and experienced divers.

• The Heart of Voh

This natural plant formation is nestled in the heart of a mangrove in northwestern New Caledonia, Voh. A photograph of Yann Arthus-Bertrand published in 1990 made it world famous. The Voh Ecomuseum tells the story of this commune dedicated to coffee.

• Ouvéa

Like a jewel placed in the middle of crystal clear waters, the Ouvéa atoll offers landscapes worthy of the most beautiful postcards. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ouvéa well deserves its nickname of the closest island to paradise!

• Upi Bay

The Isle of Pines is not stingy with beautiful bays (Kuto, Oro, Kanumera) but that of Upi is undoubtedly the most spectacular. It is along the water, in traditional pirogue, that this jewel of the south of New Caledonia, nicknamed the "Pearl of the Pacific", is best revealed ...

• The lagoons aquarium

Located in Nouméa, at Anse Vata, the Aquarium des Lagons is home to an exceptional variety of corals, fish, crustaceans and marine mammals, some of which illustrate the endemic nature of New Caledonia's marine life. It is a tourist Mecca of Nouméa.

• The Prony Bay

In the south of New Caledonia, between the Havannah Canal and the Woodin Canal, which separates it from Ouen Island, Prony Bay is a true little inland sea. It houses, near the Bay of the Somme, a curiosity almost unique in the world: the needle of Prony.

What to do in New-Caledonia

• Diving on the wreck of the Dieppoise in the fascinating waters of the lighthouse Amédée

From the barrier and the fall to the natural pits and caves, we never tire of diving in New Caledonia. Boat wrecks are home to an extremely rich flora and fauna. It is near the Lighthouse Amédée that is the most famous, La Dieppoise ...

• Admire the heart Voh, symbol of New Caledonia, aboard an ultralight

It would be a shame not to enjoy the perfect sky of New Caledonia, by offering a ride in the air, by paragliding, helicopter, microlight or parachute ! Barrier Reef, dense forests, southern lunar landscape, mangrove Voh and its mythical heart

• Conquer the Great South on mountain biking: guaranteed physical effort in an exceptional environment!

A whole range of activities allows you to enjoy nature in the South of New Caledonia, at the Provincial Park of the Blue River. Mountain biking, kayaking ... specialists prepare itineraries according to the level of each one. A good way to discover the biodiversity of New Caledonia.

• Hiking and especially take breaks in the many waterfalls

On the east coast of Grande Terre, Canala is nestled at the bottom of a huge bay. The town has many charms, from the Peak of the Dead to the cascades of Ciu and Kwewa through the islets Nanny. The unspoiled nature offers breathtaking scenery.

• Working on a pitch during a fishing trip near Tiambouen

At the extreme north of Grande Terre in the region of Poum, the lagoon is very little frequented. It is an ideal area for all fishing enthusiasts in the reef, but also in the open sea. We guarantee almost 100% a catch !

• Play with the elements in kitesurfing, windsurfing or paddle on the lagoon

In Nouméa or off the bush towns, board sports enthusiasts will have fun on the New Caledonian lagoon. In windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing or boogie boarding, we enjoy it all year long!

• Walk to Nimek to discover the shark nursery

The shark nursery, at the most northern part of the island, and the walk that leads to it, are part of the essential activities during a stay on the atoll.

• Share unforgettable moments with the Melanesians of Hienghene around a bougna, traditional kanak dish

It is in Hienghène that the "bougna", national dish, would be the best .... The recipe: local fruits and vegetables (bananas, yam, taro, cassava) and meat or fish, drizzled with coconut milk and wrapped in banana leaves before cooking in a hole ... A delight!

• Swim among the colorful fish in the natural pool of the Golden Bay

The Prony Needle is an underwater geological curiosity that is almost unique in the world and fascinates divers all around the world, with treasures such as the beautiful Casy Islet Nature Reserve.

Getting to New Caledonia