Exciting Youth Activities to do when in New Caledonia

New Caledonia is well known for its palm filled beaches, beautiful lagoons, and a barrier reef teeming with aquatic life. Being a French territory, it also has an interesting history and culture highlighted by different museums and sites throughout the islands. And with its relative proximity to Australia’s east coast, this has become a popular holiday destination for all ages and the entire family.
There are a lot of exciting activities for both younger and older kids in New Caledonia. Below are some of the more popular youth activities while on the islands.

Snorkelling in New Caledonia

This should be a given. With the beautiful waters, clear view, and abundant marine life, snorkelling is one of the most popular youth activities in New Caledonia (External link) . It is a great adventure to appreciate the natural beauty of the islands and its capital Noumea.
Younger kids can enjoy snorkelling in the warm, shallow waters of the lagoons while older kids can be a bit more adventurous and discover colourful marine life of the ocean. Parents can sit back and relax on white powder sand of the beach.

Touring the Far South of New Caledonia Island

To the south of the islands are several interesting sites such as Medeleine Falls, Prony Bay, Yate Lake with its dam, an old nickel mine, and a UNESCO World Heritage site known as the South Lagoon. All of these can be toured and visited.
There are guided tours (External link) available in order to explore the different sights down south. This is a great adventure for any age but is particularly good for kids as they can get up close and personal with nature and its wonders.
Helicopter tours (External link) are also available which is a unique and exciting way to tour the southern regions which kids of any age will surely enjoy.

Sailing the Islands

New Caledonia is composed of several different islands clustered together in a relatively small space. One of the best ways to explore the different islands is by sailing going from one island to another in order to take in the best sights the region has to offer.
Kids of all ages will surely enjoy seeing the colours and sights that the islands can offer. They can also try swimming in a new and different spot from each island visited through sailing. Great destinations while sailing with kids include Duck Island and Anse Vata Beach in Noumea with its crystal clear and warm waters perfect for swimming.

Take a scenic Micro flight

Taking a microflight to see different parts of New Caledonia (External link) is definitely an exciting activity for the kids of all ages and the entire family for that matter. These are relatively quick flights over certain landmarks which can only be fully appreciated from above such as Kone (External link) , Escapade Island (External link) , and around Noumea.

Discover the Isle of Pines

One of the most popular islands in New Caledonia for people of all ages is the Isle of Pines (External link) . It is filled with different attractions such as Kuto Bay, St. Joseph Bay featuring traditional pirogues or outriggers, St. Maurice Bay with religious monuments, and the penal colony ruins to name a few.

New Caledonia Travel Connection

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New Caledonia Travel Connection can offer you and your family amazing packages to enjoy your holiday in the islands of New Caledonia in the Pacific. Our wide range of packages can cover all styles and budgets.
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