Martinique: what to do, what to see...

The island of Martinique rises jewel-like from the Caribbean. Its beaches are of black sand in the north, and golden sand in the south. The active volcano of Mount Pelée is an open invitation to view the island from above, while the subsea world is a regenerative experience for divers. From brightly coloured fishing yoles to typically Caribbean beats, Creole culture works its magic everywhere here.


• The town of Saint-Pierre
• Fort de France
• The village of Sainte-Anne
• La Caravelle nature reserve
• Le Carbet
• The commune of Grand-Rivière
• La Savane des Esclaves museum of slavery
• Les Gorges de la Falaise
• Cap 110, the Anse Caffard slave trade sculpture installation and memorial
• Les Salines beach


• Take in the incredible panoramic view from Morne Gommier
• Watch the start of a Tour des Yoles race between the end of July and the beginning of August
• Proudly climb the active volcano of Mont Pelée
• Dive the waters around Diamond Rock
• Get your hands on Treasure Bay by catamaran
• Grab your mask and snorkel and head for Pointe de Borgnèse
• List the thousands of species of tropical plants and flowers in the Balata botanical garden
• Become an expert in banana growing at Habitation Belfort  
• Venture deep into Bat Cave
• Take the Route de la Trace to the heart of the tropical forest

Getting to Martinique