Family Vacations in Martinique

The Best Time to Visit

The period between March and April truly exemplifies the tropical West Indian climate in Martinique.The nights are soft and the temperature rarely falls below 68°F by the sea. During the day, the mercury moves most often between high 70s and 90°, depending on the season and sunshine.

"Precious Nature"

Martinique's exotic mountains are particularly conducive to a smooth ride, walk or bike on the slopes of the Carbet range, the Mount Pelée volcano, and other peaks (called Mornes).

Rapids, at a slightly warmer temperature than in the mountains, also provide a number of easy canyoning routes for all generations. Ideal for school-age children, the Cascade Didier, near Fort-de-France, is a nice hike as well, providing a bit more of an athletic challenge. Some of the passages go right through the water and you will pass through a tunnel to get to the waterfall!

The Baignoire de Josephine, located in François Bay ( in southern Martinique), could be the natural backdrop for a beautiful kayak ride on a wide strip of fine sand, with white depths and turquoise water of a wonderful transparency.

"Cultural Assets"

The Clément Foundation makes for a nice family outing, in an area surrounding a real colonial house. Across landscapes and historic sites, the Foundation recounts the saga of colonialism, weaving a tale of Creole heritage and the essential role of sugarcane.

The eruption of Mount Pelée, which destroyed the city of Saint-Pierre and left 26,000 victims in its wake, is also part of the history of Martinique. The Franck Perret Volcano Museum is a memorial in photographic evidence.

The ruins of the Dubuc Château, in the heart of Caravelle Peninsula and nature reserve, near Trinity, evoke the era of the trade routes between the Caribbean, Europe and Africa – when pirates roamed the seas and rum was almost as good as money. For its part, the sugarcane mill, run by the Jouan family, in Morne Bois (near Lorrain), is the last of its kind on the island. Craftsmen there still make "battery syrup" — concentrated cane juice to sweeten your cocktails.

Meanwhile, the Quartier La Ferme, in the fields of Trois-Ilets, retells the story of Martinique of yesteryear: the huts (traditional houses) are open to the public in a 4-acre park. There is also a pond known for its numerous tropical flowers: birds of paradise, porcelain roses, ginger lilies, etc.

And, of course, you cannot miss the Balata Gardens**!** The discovery of this Eden is a unique experience in the Caribbean. Feast your eyes as you take a walk through the treetops, over a long bridge suspended in the mahogany branches.


  • The Pierre et Vacances de Sainte-Luce vacation rental village has its own club for children.
  • Club Med Buccaneer's Creek in Martinique offers a sporty and lively all-inclusive stay.
  • The Airstream Paradise Resort & Bungalow Park will welcome you to Sainte Anne on the southeastern tip of the island. It is a unique and unusual experience, just like in a Hollywood movie.