Romantic tales around the Châteaux

Castles of kings, princes and princesses, or even artists, castles are a source of legends. Grandiose and majestic, they invite everyone to dream of chivalrous or even more romantic stories. However, some buildings have actually been home to relationships ranging from the sweet to the tumultuous. Let's take a look at romantic anecdotes from French châteaux.

Claudel and Rodin at the Château de l'Islette

Auguste Rodin, Camille Claudel... two renowned sculptors, but also two passionate lovers. A love story they lived to the full in the 1890s, at the Château de l'Islette. It was here that Rodin sculpted the statue of Balzac, which his sweetheart found very large and beautiful. Camille Claudel, for her part, created one of her most famous works: "La Petite Châtelaine", inspired by the granddaughter of the owners at the time.

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Anne de Bretagne and Charles VIII at the Château de Langeais

Once upon a time... the Duchess Anne de Bretagne and King Charles VIII. And it was in the half-Medieval, half-Renaissance Château de Langeais that their marriage was celebrated. On December 6, 1491 to be precise, and with the utmost discretion, as Anne was still officially united to Maximilian of Austria... A very important chapter in French history, and with good reason: it marked the beginning of the union between Brittany and France. The Château de Langeais has re-enacted this royal wedding with a lively scenography: it's as if you were there!

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Wallis Simpson and the Duke of Windsor at the Domaine de Candé

16 kilometres from the Château de Villandry is the Domaine de Candé. A magnificent 16th century château built on a promontory in a 260 hectare estate. It was here in 1937 that the Duke of Windsor, then ex-King of England, celebrated his marriage to the American Wallis Simpson.

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Agnès Sorel and Charles VII at la Cité royale de Loches

It was in the incredible royal town of Loches that King Charles VII and Agnès Sorel lived out their love story. When they met around 1443, she was one of the demoiselles de compagnie of the Duchess of Anjou (Isabelle de Lorraine). She entered the service of Marie d'Anjou, the King's wife, and became his favourite, 20 years his senior! She bore him three daughters. Agnès Sorel, nicknamed the "Lady of Beauty", is now buried in the collegiate church of Saint-Ours, where you can see her reclining figure.

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Pierre de Ronsard and Cassandre Salviati at Château de Talcy

Many of us are familiar with the lines of Pierre de Ronsard's famous poem "Mignonne, allons voir si la rose". But did you know that they were inspired by the Prince of Poets' romantic love affair with Cassandre Salviati, daughter of the then owner of Château de Talcy?
Talcy's imprint can still be found in Théodore Agrippa D'Aubigné's "Tragiques", this time inspired by Cassandre Salviati's niece.
Later, the history of Talcy recalls a direct descendant of Cassandre's daughter, the romantic poet Alfred de Musset.

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