Chateau du Rivau and its gardens in the Loire Valley

Only ten minutes away from the medieval town Chinon and one hour and fourty-five minutes from Paris with the train, you will find the castle Rivau’s magnificent silhouette rising from the midst of the fields.

A Fairytale Castle in the Loire Valley

Complete with a keep, turrets, and a drawbridge, from the 15th Century, Le Rivau stands out from the other Loire Valley castles (External link) that were all built during the Renaissance period, and has a real fairy-tale quality, bringing back our inner child!

The castle is also famous for its garden that boasts the conservatory of fragrant roses that is unique in France with more than 450 varieties of scented roses. The gardens flowers from April to November and the blooms alternate: tulips, daffodils, iris, roses (External link) , vegetables, ornamental grasses…

A Scuplture Garden at Chateau du Rivau

The Gardens of le Rivau, are in constant dialogue with the twenty gigantic sculptures set up on the grounds. They are all by celebrated artists and turn the gardens into a proper open-air museum of modern art. Some of them are huge, like the Red Pot by Jean-Pierre Raynaud, Ghyslain Bertholon’s Taupologie, the Old Woman’s Shoe (a giant-sized wellington boot) by american artist Amy O’Neill, or Lilian Bourgeat’s Garden Ship (an oversized watering can). Others, like I like Amerika by Stefan Nikolaev or Novel for Life by Fabien Vershaere are of smaller dimensions. But they all make us smile and lead the way towards an enchanted world.

Wine and Home Grown Vegetable for the restaurant of the castle Rivau

Rivau also produces its own wine and vegetables that are served in the restaurant in the middle of the kitchen garden. Rivau produces 3 types of wines: 2 red wines of Chinon and a Rosé wine of Chinon (External link) . From a nearby river soil those wine are fruity and ment to be appreciated with white meats and vegetable or for the aperitif!

Sleep in a Loire Valley Castle

It is now also possible to spend the night in Rivau Castle and enjoy the beauty of the gardens without any other visitors.

Our 7 luxurious rooms are all different and furnished with care. Contemporary art mixes with Renaissance furniture for your confort and pleasure. The rooms can be rent out for individuals or groups gathering.

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