The Château of Chenonceau, for the lovebirds

Chenonceau combines the elegance of a unique architecture, and refinement of the “Dames” who always loved and protected it. Built on the plans of a Venetian Palace, it is the real Ponte Vecchio of the Loire Valley, dreamed by Catherine de Medici.

The Château of Chenonceau, "the Château des Dames"

An architectural masterpiece, property of the Crown and then a royal residence, Château de Chenonceau is a truly exceptional site by its original design, but also its history: loved, managed and protected by women, including Diane of Poitiers and Catherine de Medicis, it is also known as the ‘Château des Dames’. The feminine touch is everywhere; it has protected the Château from the ravages of war and made it a peaceful place.

At the Château of Chenonceau, the flower arrangements in each of the sumptuously furnished rooms only add to the refinement. The Chambre des Cinq Reines, the Salon Louis XIV, the gallery on the River Cher, the astonishing kitchens built on the bridge piles, the Cabinet Vert of Catherine de Medicis... Step by step, Chenonceau takes you through history, its dreams and its secrets.

A focal point of civilisation and sharing, Château de Chenonceau has a collection of paintings by masters, a veritable pinacotheca worthy of the greatest museums... and a remarkable set of Flemish tapestries.

Outside, the gardens of Catherine de Medicis and Diane of Poitiers emphasise the elegance of this unique landscape between sky and water. From the Jardin Vert designed by Bernard Palissy to the Italian maze and the floral harmony of the vegetable garden, the spirit of Chenonceau can be felt everywhere. The ‘tranquillity of the soul’ is coupled with ‘aristocratic serenity’.

In summer a nocturnal stroll in the gardens is a magical experience, accompanied by the music of virtuoso Arcangelo Corelli.

The Orangerie, a restaurant boasting refined cuisine, as well as a tea room and a self-service restaurant; the wax museum, boat trips in summer, the floral workshop… Château de Chenonceau is a truly enchanting place.


Château de Chenonceau
37 150 Chenonceau
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Château, 37150 Chenonceaux