Visitors to Versailles (1682-1789) at the Palace of Versailles

The Visitors to Versailles (1682-1789) exhibition is presented jointly by the Palace of Versailles and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibition runs until 25 February 2018 at Versailles, and will then transfer to New York between 9 April and 29 July 2018.

Attracting nearly 10 million visitors every year, Versailles is one of the most visited historic sites in the world. The palace and gardens of Versailles have attracted visitors ever since the small hunting lodge built by Louis XIII was converted at the command of Louis XIV into one of the most stunning residences in Europe, and open to everyone in accordance with the King’s wishes.

The first ever staged on this subject, Visitors to Versailles (1682-1789) will shed light on the identity of these visitors through more than 300 artworks from the late 17th century to the French Revolution. Combining painted and sculpted portraits, court costumes, travel guides, tapestries, Sèvres and Meissen porcelain, bladed weapons and tabatière firearms, the exhibition reveals what visitors experienced on arriving at Versailles. What kind of welcome did they receive? What were their impressions? What gifts or souvenirs did they leave with? Today’s visitors will therefore have the opportunity to see the Palace through the eyes of those who preceded them through history.


Château de Versailles
Place d'Armes
78000 Versailles


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