The Transju’

The 42nd edition of La Transju’ (Transjurassienne) will take place on February 8 and 9 in the Jura mountains. This famous French Nordic ski race is divided into several events, suiting everyone from the more athletic to the amateurs simply looking to soak up the event’s atmosphere. It’s a great opportunity to explore this underrated mountain range.

Nordic ski enthusiasts meet in the Jura mountains in early February for the Transju, the biggest event in the discipline in France. This legendary race, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2019, puts on several events for athletes and amateurs in a friendly, Nordic atmosphere.

A Nordic weekend

On Friday, February 7, the festivities will be launched with the opening of the international Nordic and outdoor fair in Les Rousses. The next day sees the start of the competition with the classic style tests. For the more experienced, the Transju’ Classic runs its 56km route between Lamoura and Val de Mouthe.

A 25-kilometre race, plus a non-timed hiking course called the Transju Experience, also take place on the first day. The hike is a particularly good way to enjoy the festive atmosphere without too much of a challenge.

On Sunday, February 8, the freestyle riders will set off for the 68 kilometres of the Transju’. Three other distances are also scheduled, also in freestyle: 48 kilometres for the Transju’ Marathon, 25 for the Transju’ 25 FT and 20 for the non-timed Transju’ Experience.

Note that several Transju’ events are part of the Worldloppet, a circuit uniting the world’s most prestigious long-distance races.