"Picasso Illustrateur" at the MUba Eugène Leroy de Tourcoing Museum

You may know Picasso as an exceptional painter, but what about as an illustrator? The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Tourcoing is organizing an extraordinary exhibition in partnership with the Picasso National Museum in Paris to shine a light on this unknown aspect of the artist. It's a visit that will be worth the trip to Northern France!

In a stroke of genius, the MUba Eugène Leroy de Tourcoing Museum in Hauts-de-France, 30 minutes from Lille, will host the Picasso Illustrateur ("Picasso, the Illustrator") exhibition beginning October 19, 2019. For the occasion, this museum, set in a 19th-century mansion, will collaborate with the Picasso National Museum in Paris. This fruitful association reflects the plurality of artistic production as well as the diversity of techniques used by the artist.

To attract Picasso's fans, the Paris Museum has taken a collection of illustrated books as well as some masterpieces of the master out of its stock. There will also be a dozen works on loan from La Piscine de Roubaix, and a few lithographs and plates taken from the Matisse Museum or the LAM of Lille for the occasion.

Discover Picasso Illustrateur through 200 works

With "Picasso, the Illustrator," we immerse ourselves in the fascinating, little-known world of illustrated books from the first half of the 20th century. Friends with many poets and writers, Picasso contributed to nearly 50 books between 1905 and 1973, drawing a hundred book covers. More than just an illustration accompanying the text, Picasso's drawings enrich and complete the narration, creating an additional dialogue between the words and the visuals.
In all, some 200 works produced between 1907 and 1968 define an immersive journey, both chronological and thematic, which gives a better understanding of Pablo Picasso's major role in the history of art.

In addition, this immersive journey reveals the richness and plurality of the artist's production. On display are some major works of art, of course, but also movie clips, soundtracks and archival documents to shine a light on the creativity of the artist and the significance of his entire collection of illustrations.

A wide cultural program around Picasso Illustrateur

Together with this unique exhibition, the MUba Eugène Leroy de Tourcoing Museum offers a series of lectures as well as concerts and guided tours accessible to all. Little art enthusiasts have not been excluded, and are invited to enjoy visits and workshops adapted to their age to experiment with the different processes used by Picasso. Watercolor, engraving, drawing or typography; the techniques to discover and extend your experience during your visit are limited only by imagination!
From October 19, 2019 to January 13, 2020, visit Tourcoing to discover another side of Pablo Picasso and enjoy all the wonders of Northern France!


2, rue paul Doumer - 59200
From October 19th 2019 to January 13th 2020
Full price: 8 euros ; Reduced price: 5.5 euros
Pass MUba Family: 21 euros
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