Madam Favart in the Opéra Comique

To celebrate the bicentenary of Jacques Offenbach's birth, the Opéra Comique de Paris will dust off a forgotten work of the composer. From June 20 to 30, 2019, Madame Favart will return to the boards. Lovers of lyrical journeys, it’s time to book your tickets for this 2019 highlight of the Opéra Comique!

A true celebration of the picaresque genre through the genius of Offenbach, this piece is inspired by the hectic life of his heroine, Justine Favart. Alfred Duru and Henri Chavot’s fictional libretto, first presented in 1878 to Les Folies-Dramatiques, weaves history into the ficiton to narrate the surprising fate of this 19th century actress, doomed to change her identity to save her honour, that of her playwright husband, as well as that of the Opera Comique.

Helming the musical direction, we find conductor Laurent Campellone. There is no doubt that his passion for rarities of the French repertoire will bring to life the talent of Offenbach through that of the Orchestre de chambre de Paris.

And to do justice to Madame Favart, who better than another grand dame of the theater? Anne Kessler, a French comedienne, will be leading the production.

Get ready for the Opéra Comique!

Songs, drama, readings: this is the promise of the Opéra Comique
, which invites each visitor to a unique presentation through each performance. Discover the play, its history and context to fully enjoy this lyrical spectacl.

Another option: enjoy a moment to discover the songs of Madame Favart while waiting for the debut of the performance—young and old will be seduced by this original musical experience! For the Anglophone audience, the show is closed-captioned in English, like all the operas at the Opéra Comique this season.

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