Lumières sur le Bourbonnais light show in Moulins, Auvergne

A luminous fresco will be projected on June 22, 2019, at the Castle of the Dukes of Bourbon, in Moulins, Auvergne. La Mal Coiffée, the building’s keep, will come out of the shadows in a wave of colors. The kick-off of a series of summer shows featuring the historical patrimony of the region.

The sound and light show to be held every night until the end of September (free admission) will resume the key features of the Castle of the Dukes of Bourbon’s history in Moulins, Auvergne.

Immersive exhibition at nightfall

Amid lights and music and watching from the low gardens, the audience will be carried away in the turbulent past of the emblematic castle with this immersive exhibition about life in the court of the Bourbons starting at nightfall.

Two new scenes will be equally proposed in December for the “old castle” of the Dukes of Bourbon, in Montluçon, as well as for the La Borderie hotel. A third site, the Saint-Saturnin church in Cusset, is under consideration. Depending on the season, three to six screenings will be scheduled, including an intermission of barely two minutes.

Epic of the Bourbon Dynasty in Allier

With this production, the department of Allier wishes to enhance and reconquer the heritage bequeathed by the Bourbon family. The epic of this dynasty, which has left its mark on the history of France, is appealing well beyond the borders of Auvergne and France.


Château des ducs de Bourbon - Rue des Jardins Bas - 03000 Moulins-sur-Allier
Every evening from June 22 until the end of September 2019 at nightfall, for 1:30
Free to the public


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