Festival Interceltique, Lorient, Brittany

Every summer around 700,000 people from all over the world invade the Celtic town of Lorient for this ‘Interceltic Festival’.

The festival celebrates the cream of Celtic music hailing from the highlands of Scotland down to the coast of Spain. As the sound of bagpipes fills the air, the festival’s musical parade mesmerises the gathered crowds at the Moustoir stadium and around the fishing port. It features around 200 events and shows and involves a staggering 5,000 performers.

Tourists will love the atmosphere – and although it’s a multi-cultural celebration, it’s a great time to rub shoulders with the Lorient locals too. Well into its forties now, the Interceltique may be greying a little around the temples, but it’s still young at heart.

Festival Interceltique, Lorient