Exhibition "Alberto Giacometti: From traditional to avant-garde", Maillol Museum - Dina Vierny Foundation, Paris

While the Giacometti Foundation opened its doors in Paris at the beginning of the summer, the sculptor is also featured at the Musée Maillol - Fondation Dina Vierny, which presents a reinterpretation of his work, complemented with pieces by major classical and modern sculptors of his time.

Alberto Giacometti is in the spotlight in Paris. Following the opening of the Giacometti Institute in the south of the capital, the sculptor's work is the subject of a cultural expose at the Maillol Museum - Dina Vierny Foundation. Twenty-five works by major artists are featured alongside some fifty sculptures by the Swiss artist, from the collection of the Fondation Giacometti, presented chronologically and as themes.

The first part of the visit focuses on Despiau and Maillol, who influenced the sculptor's youthful impression of classical modernity. In 1925 came the discovery of Parisian avant-gardes - Zadkine, Lipchitz and Csaky. Then came the allure of abstraction (Brancusi and Laurens) and finally the return to figure work from 1935 onwards.

Giacometti's work is also the subject of a themed approach in conjunction with works of Maillol, Bourdelle and Rodin. The exhibition throws light on the influence of antiquity on Giacometti’s work and his fascination with heads and figures on oversized plinths.

Giacometti’s Paris studio is recreated through the artist’s lithographs, photographs by photographers such as Brassaï, Denise Colomb and Sabine Weiss. It’s an excellent introduction to the world of the sculptor before visiting the foundation that bears his name and where his studio has been restored.

Maillol Museum - Dina Vierny Foundation, Paris