Family Vacation in French Guyana

A place of contrasts, this corner of France nestled in South America is a lush wilderness juxtaposed against the modernism of the space center in Kourou. Its diversity is also embodied in its population, which comes from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds.

The Best Time to Visit

The best time of year for family activities varies according to whether you are looking to watch the sea turtles (April to September) or to enjoy the sun (August to the end of November).

"Easy Adventure"

What a contrast between the high-tech space base in Kourou and the surrounding nature of the Amazon rainforest! Explore nature by canoe over the waterways—on majestic rivers like the Maroni, Oyapock, and Approuague. Live like an adventurer by making an overnight stop in the "carbets," (traditional shelters), canvas tents, or cabins fully integrated into nature.

Observation of wildlife
For those focused on eco-tourism, you will find a tamed jungle, gentle and safe. Don't like bugs? Rest assured: the tarantulas and snakes stay hidden, and mosquitoes are less intrusive than you might think (just watch out at night, that's all).

Macouria Zoo
Across 160 acres, the zoo is home to almost 70 endemic animal species living as if in the wild. Young and old can observe over 450 specimens from small Tamarin monkeys to the "beefy" Tapir.

"Cultural Adventures"

  • In Kourou, visit the Kalawachi and Kalapa Native American Cultural Center.
  • In Cayenne, discover a snapshot of Guyana at the Alexandre Franconie Museum.
  • In Régina, browse the Approuage-Kaw Municipal Eco-Museum, which presents the history and current issues of eastern Guyana in a beautifully-restored Creole house.


In the forest:
In the Amazon, cottages and "carbets" (wood shelters without walls) are the best! Travel by canoe to stay a few days in the forest, where boatmen and guides will accompany you to spend a few nights in hammocks. Some of the noteworthy camps:

Floating ecolodge in the heart of the Kaw marshes
A carbet, built on a large boat, allows you to stay out on the water in the middle of the rainforest in "authentic" comfort. A respectful and original approach to Amazonian nature, it is an experience to share with your family.
The Cisame
A 2-hour canoe ride upstream of Régina on the Approuague river, you'll find introductory courses to life in the forest: trekking, camping, climbing down creeks, swimming in the river and even an introduction to gold mining. All are activities ideal for a family.
Carbet La Canopée
A carbet located ... 10 meters off the ground! Pass from one tree to another using zip lines that are 70 to 100 meters long.

In the city:
In Cayenne, the main city, Hotel Montjoyeux Les Vagues, by the sea, is waiting to welcome your family.