The 10 must-see panoramas in the Dordogne Valley

Prepare to be dazzled! The Dordogne Valley, with its deep gorges and steep-sided valleys, is the home to stunning scenery, best seen at sunrise or sunset. From upstream to downstream, here's an overview of the most beautiful views...

The Organs of Bort

This famous natural site, who's peak reaches an altitude of 789 metres, enjoys an exceptional view over the town of Bort-les-Orgues, the Dordogne Valley and the Auvergne hills.

Take the small path to the belvedere and orientation tables. From here you'll really get a feeling for these vast landscapes. (External link)

The Gratte-Bruyere Belvedere

Perched 200m above the confluence between the Dordogne and Sumène, the view over the waterway that winds through the forests of Correze is breathtaking! A quiet spot, deep in nature. (External link)

The 'Tours de Merle' ruins

Take a short detour along one of the Dordogne's tributaries, the Maronne, as it wraps its way around the ruins of the 'Tours de Merle'. From the 11km walking trail you'll get a great view of this medieval city from every angle. (External link)


Climb aboard a flat-bottomed gabare barge, a boat traditionally intended for carrying goods, and admire the point of view over the quayside and Penitents Chapel in Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne. (External link)

The Marqueyssac Hanging Gardens in Vezac

130 metres above the Dordogne, these gardens conceal hidden treasures. Imagine 150 000 pruned box trees lining the winding alleyways, mysteriously-shaped Green Oaks, Cypresses decorating the terraces... Beyond the compositions designed in the style of Le Nôtre, the gardens also offer an old-fashioned games area and a maze to keep the kids happy. (External link)


One of the most magnificent sites on the banks of the Dordogne, also ranked amongst the "most beautiful villages in France". Beynac-et-Cazenac nestles at the foot of a 150 metre-high cliff topped by an impressive medieval castle. From the top you can enjoy a staggering view of the castles in the valley. (External link)

The Chateau of Milandes

Just a few kilometres away, don't miss a visit to the chateau of Milandes, last residence of Josephine Baker. From there, you'll have a viewpoint on the valley of 1001 castles. (External link)

The Cingle of Trémolat

A village well-known for its famous "cingle" - a snake-like meander in the Dordogne that can be seen from the top of the Rocamadour Belvedere. Take the time to visit this exceptional natural site, the view is imposing! (External link)

The chateau of Monbazillac

Set high on a hill dominating the Dordogne Valley, the chateau of Monbazillac is a must-see stop along the Bergerac wine route. It's in the driveway leading to the castle that you'll get the finest view of the building and from the terraces that you'll get the best panorama across the rolling vineyards. (External link)

The Tour du Roy in Saint-Emilion

Emblematic architectural element of Saint-Emilion, today the tower is home to the Jurade Celebrations (the Saint-Emilion wine guild). From the dungeon roof, you can look out over the medieval city and its vineyards, listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 118 stairs to the top will be well worth it. (External link)