Water Sports

The mountains located throughout the country are full of various water activities that you can enjoy all summer long. Grab your friends and head up to the river today, to make a splash for yourselves.

Whether you are wishing for a relaxing rafting trip with the family, or perhaps you and your friends want to speed things up a little with a brisk kayak trip down the river, either way there are plenty of mountain water sports options for you to enjoy. If you want to be a little closer to nature and leave the raft and kayak behind, then Hydrospeed can give you what you’re searching for. Whichever fun-filled activity is your favorite, don’t worry, the French mountains can deliver all three, all summer long. And while all of these activities are available in natural rivers, there are also specially designated parks and pools to practice in, before heading out on your own. Regardless of which water sport you and the family choose, rest assured you’ll go home refreshed and revived.

Canoeing and Kayaking
Probably the best known water sports, canoeing and kayaking are great ways to discover and explore some beautiful French mountain rivers. After a few hours of training, you and your group will be ready to go. There are options for beginners to experts, and for those searching to test themselves, extreme kayaking provides an opportunity to get your pulse racing as fast as the river itself.

If a group adventure is what you’re searching for, then rafting is the perfect choice. Paddled by a group of 8 to 10, and headed by a helmsman, you and your friends will enjoy an adrenaline filled float over river waves and rapids.

For those who truly wish to feel that they are one with the river, hydrospeed will put you right in the action. With only a floating device between you and the water, you’ll be able to glide downstream, at a blistering pace. If you are a thrill seeker, hydrospeed may just be your new favorite activity.