Tune in to Cannes!

And what if you could dance along to the sounds of the 70th Festival de Cannes? For the very first time, France.fr is revealing a daily playlist straight from the red carpet in Cannes. We met with the guys behind the playlist: Christophe Caurret and Fabrice Brovelli, from the group KCPK. Because they're the ones who tell it best...

France.fr: Can you tell us a little bit about what you're doing in Cannes this year?
KCPK: When the festival is on, there can be up to four events on the famous steps every day... This year, we're here to translate what happens on the steps into music. It's nothing like mixing. We need to express the mood on the red carpet, it's put together step by step. There's something stately about it, but it also has to stay upbeat.

France.fr: How do you choose the soundtrack for the steps?
KCPK: We choose the music from one day to the next depending on the guests, as well as the audience outside and people watching at home. We need to find the right blend of tracks that people might not have heard before and tracks that everyone knows, and do it all elegantly, as is the way of the festival. We make a special effort to give a nod to the guests, music celebrities, talented actors and directors, like Pedro Almodovar, for example.

France.fr: What reactions and emotions are you trying to provoke?

KCPK: We are trying to be progressive, to predict how celebrities will react as best we can, and to change the music when it doesn't really go. The main thing is to lay on a good vibe. Susan Sarandon busted out a couple of little moves at the opening ceremony, and it's always good when you get it right.

France.fr: What do you think it is that makes Cannes an important event?
KCPK: One thing that's key to the festival, and which may not be obvious, is that it's a free event. It's not that hard to come and see it. That says something about cultural diversity and France's position in upholding it. People come to Cannes to see films from another world, films which may leave you with a lesson for later in life, in the way you see things. It might be painful, it might not be that good, but it's rarely inoffensive, and that's worth something.

France.fr: What if we weren't in Cannes? If we were driving along the Côte d'Azur in a convertible? What would we be listening to?
KCPK: Nino Ferrer: "Le Sud" and Umberto Tozzi "Ti Amo"!

Who are KCPK?
"We're not musicians, artists, singers, photographers, artistic directors, or DJs. We're all of that at once". Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/KCPKofficiel/ (External link)

Live from Cannes: dance to the official red carpet playlist