Starry shopping under the sun of Cannes

Luxury and trends

For several decades, Cannes has been known for concentrating a strong density of brands dedicated to fashion and luxury: haute-couture, ready-to-wear, sophlé, jewelery, leather goods, perfume, art galleries, design, Blinds of creators ... Between the Rue d'Antibes and the Croisette, nothing is lacking in the realm of luxury to compete with Paris or Milan.Les plus grandes marques françaises et internationales tiennent à être présentes au cœur de ce croissant hyper-médiatisé qui s'étire de l'hôtel le Palm Beach au Vieux-Port.

International brands and local crafts

Here, many eminent craftsmen settled in the wake of the aristocracy and upper-class bourgeoisie of the nineteenth century, in order to fulfill the desires of wealthy winterers. This elitism has helped pull Cannes up so that the offer, which has now democratized, makes it possible to satisfy all tastes as well as all exchanges. A different but no less attractive concentration is proposed in the sector of the street Meynadier. Cannes reveals another face through a panel of convenience stores. Traditionally occupied by shops, this typical artery - entirely reserved for pedestrians - has opened up to other products. There are now clothes, souvenirs, decoration...

Unmissable market Forville

Not far from there, the true institution of a city rooted in the southern terroir, the Forville market is one of the strongest links between past and present. From the end of the Middle Ages until the 19th century, the fishermen of Cannes used the "Forville" tile (which means old French "outside the city") to display their daily production.

If times have changed, even today, about fifteen patrons-fishermen operate in the waters of the bay around the islands of Lérins. Their "pointes" are visible in the Old Port between quai Saint-Pierre and Pantiero. The Forville market, built in the late 19th century and dressed in 1934 with a colored red ocher frame, is a social lung in a city fabric that harmoniously mixes true natives, neocannoises and tourists. It attracts a large number of loyal customers, renowned cooks or mothers, restorers or simple gourmets in search of fresh and natural products.

Here, rockfish wiggle on the stalls, near cut flower displays. Fruits and vegetables lined up in a shimmering organized mess. The goat's cheeses of the hinterland rub shoulders with the rocket, the olive oil, the beans and the melons. The artisan delicatessen is presented not far from peppers, exotic spices, thyme, laurel and rosemary. The vegetable effluvium is accompanied by a thousand perfumes to which are added those which emanate from the roaster and the bread ovens located in the near vicinity.

Around it, several local brands have set up boutique boutiques, like Fragonard's Fragrant perfumer, which only opens at market hours.