The Cannes Film Festival Turns 70

Monica Bellucci is the Master of Ceremonies and Pedro Almodóvar is the President of the Jury. The 2017 Edition of the Festival de Cannes is going back to pure cinematic roots for its 70th anniversary on the Croisette, full of stars and talent. Are you ready?

The temperature is rising on the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. From May 17 to May 28, 2017, the sparkling Mediterranean will shine even brighter, and the famous red carpet will roll out once more. Participants will be welcomed by the sublime Monica Bellucci, who will announce the launch in her distinctive accent: "I declare the opening of the 70th ceremony of the Film Festival!" An extra glamorous advantage for this international event.

The Italian actress has a long history with the Cannes Festival: she climbed the famous steps of the Palais des Festivals for the first time in 2000 before stirring up controversy just two years later with the gossip-provoking team behind Gaspar Noé's Irréversible. Scandal, artistic experimentation, sensuality, and glitter: the decades-old recipe for a Cannes-style cocktail are ready to go.

The Law of Desire

Pedro Almodóvar, the Jury President for the 70th edition, is also well-versed in desire and passion. At the invitation of the Festival de Cannes, this Spanish filmmaker said he was "very happy" and "honored," swearing that he even had butterflies. With his love of cinema, he has stated that he will "dedicated himself to the task in body and spirit" - a declaration that's no doubt true, coming from the dedicated director of films like Julieta, The Law of Desire, Broken Embraces, Love is in the Air, and Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

For this exceptional edition - 70 years old and still as beautiful as ever - Cannes has decided to roll out the red carpet all through 2017, exhibiting Gilles Traverso's breathtaking photographs of film stars in a number of rooms in City Hall.

One thing's for sure - Cannes will always be Cannes!