72 hours in Corsica

Travelling to Corsica for 3 days and don't know what to do? Sathya Saran makes it easy for you! Here's how best you can enjoy your 72 hours in this enigmatic island!

Hours 0-24

Spend the first hour taking in the fact that you have just stepped into a world different from any other. As you drive from Bastia airport to Porto Vecchio, stop at the ancient city of Cortes en route. Your tiredness will fall away as the stone walls speak their stories, and you see the view unfolding. In sharp contrast to the stone, the countryside is dotted with smiling wild flowers, and herbs that dance in the breeze. Walk about the old town, stop to let the scented breeze through your hair at the topmost citadel. If you still have daylight left when you arrive at your hotel or villa, walk to the sea, and enjoy your quiet moment with Nature.

Hours 24-48

Post a breakfast of bread and preserves, and home cured meats, drive out to spend a day at the harbour at Bonifacio. This is where you can shop for chic clothes, shoes, hats and bags, and of course branded shades. Catch a sea food lunch which you can work off at the Citadel. Walking around this Genovese walled city, you will shop some more, for wooden souvenirs, see beautiful art galleries, and enjoy the feel of being lost in history. Don't miss a visit to the graveyard on the way back. The Corsicans bury their dead in beautiful tombs! Stop at a local restaurant for dinner on the way back.

Hours 48-72

Drive up to the mountains to Alta Rocca, with its centuries old chestnut trees waiting to be hugged. Onwards to Notre-Dame des Neiges, to see the statue of Mary renowned for its healing powers. And then it will be time for a late lunch, which can be under the open skies near a waterfall, of which there are so many! Return, by evening detouring through the old city of Sartene. The view is fabulous throughout, especially as the evening lights come on.

Then it is time to start packing and thinking of returning to the real world, leaving the magic of Corsica behind.