How to forget winter in 7 easy steps... in Corsica

The nights are cutting in, temperatures are falling, and snow fanatics are waxing their skis. Beat the crowds and flip the seasons: head to Corsica to escape winter.

Admire the snow from afar

From the pretty port of Calvi, for example. Can you make out the snowy peaks, all the way over there? You could go and ski a few pistes and then come back. Or you could stay here, in the sun, making your Instagram followers jealous.

Meet the cetaceans

While others are keeping an eye out for snow dumps, you are off to spot dolphins or fin whales.

Celebrate all things porky

You may as well learn a bit of rudimentary Corsican, while you’re at it. Repeat after us: coppa, figatellu, lonzu, prisuttu...

Follow the thermometer

Direction Porto-Vecchio! Sheltered by the Ospedale hillsides, you’ve found the islands most incredible micro-climate, with an average year-round temperature of 16.7°C.

Go to an oursinade

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A rustic winter pleasure, fishing for sea urchins is a great reason for popping the corks as soon as you get up.

Go even further south

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In February, tapas, sangria, colourful films, and fiesta. Wait a minute: where are you again? You’re still in Corsica, at the Ajaccio Spanish and Latin American Film Festival.

Grab your own corner of paradise

It’s one of France’s best beaches. And because it’s winter, the crystal-clear waters of Palombaggia are (almost) all yours.

Getting to Corsica