24 hours barefoot at Hotel Misincu in Corsica

Seen from the terrace at Hotel Misincu, Corsica is all green and blue. But also golden like the beach where we walk barefoot, and silver like the olive trees and the stream that murmurs below. The first five-star hotel on Cap Corse (Corsica’s northern peninsula) has a rather discreet facade set back from the small coastal road, just a stone’s throw from the port of Porticciolo. It’s the ideal place to disconnect on the Island of Beauty...

05:45 - Sunrise

Just before six o’clock in the morning, the Italian island of Capraia turns pink. Located at the front row, on the east coast, Misincu has a front-row seat for the show, accompanied by the trills of the birds. Corsica rises early. We may not do the same, but it would be a shame not to enjoy the beauty of the moment at least once during our stay.

10:00 - In praise of laziness

We went back to bed. With oak floors, crocheted rugs and tree stumps above the headboards, the 32 rooms at Misincu have the spirit of nature. And this chic is not just an affectation: the hotel sports the European Ecolabel. Felted and cool, the morning passes by like sand: too fast.

11:00 - A swim in the lagoon

Happy inhabitants of a Marine Natural Park, the Cap-Corsins respect the sea plants that protects their coastline from erosion. Specific to the Mediterranean, these marine herbs dry and form thick benches on the sand. Intriguing at first glance, they are soft and pleasant underfoot, to which the water owes its incredible lagoon colour.

14:30 - Reading in good company

The two levels of the hotel are organised around small courtyards: Place André Giudicelli and Place Gabrielle Biaggi. One opens onto the pool at 28°, the other onto a library well-stocked with books about the island. Folklore bandits, carved in oak, survey the scene. And a trophy recalls the former name of the hotel, the Caribou, which hosted the likes of Serge Gainsbourg and Romy Schneider.

16:00 - Vegetable fantasies

Suspended from old alders, strawberry plants swing. Buttresses planted with garlic and beans form spirals. Nepita, aromatic plant par excellence, shares its bench with decorative zinnia. This is an unusual garden. The principles of permaculture guide its curves, explains gardener Quentin Jamet. If the heat becomes too much, make a little trip to the river.

17:00 - Maquis à la carte

With the heat of the day now over, fancy a walk? Eighteen hiking trails start from the hotel. From the end of the beach, a trail climbs gently to Serra, the mountainous backbone of the Cap. After four kilometres trekking through arbutus and myrtle, you’re rewarded with a ‘bath’ of azure blue from mid-air.

18:30 - Rejuvenate at the spa

To relax after the ride in the maquis, head to the hotel spa. The ochre building opens its windows to the stream and trees. Choose from a hydromassage pool, sauna, Turkish bath or a range of Biologique Recherche treatments.

20:30 - Fatu in Corsica at restaurant Tra di Noi

Time to indulge at the hotel’s bistro restaurant, Tra di Noi, which champions local products and seafood. Cap Corse lobster, spider crab, octopus and sea urchins (later in the season) and fish such as dentex and capon are enjoyed simply grilled over a wood fire. For meat lovers, there’s plenty of charcuterie – plus cheese from the region’s farms.

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