Vignobles & Découvertes: Massif de Saint Thierry, Vallée de l’Ardre

The Vignobles & Découvertes label aims to provide quality services and visits catering to wine tourism. The label appeals to a customer base that appreciates the world of wine without necessarily being connoisseurs, and offers a range of quality services: accommodation, cultural sites, leisure activities, cellar tours, restaurants, exploration of natural spaces, events and more.

Six destinations in Champagne have been awarded the label: Montagne de Reims, Vallée de la Marne, Côte des Bar, Coteaux du Sézannais, Coteaux Sud d'Epernay et Côte des Blancs and Massif de Saint Thierry, Vallée de l'Ardre.

Destination: Massif de Saint Thierry, Vallée de l’Ardre

Close to Reims, the "Coronation City", with its wealth of UNESCO heritage sites, the region of the Massif de Saint-Thierry and the Ardre Valley consist of vineyards planted on two great plateaus: the Tardenois and the Massif de Saint-Thierry, crossed by the Ardre and Vesle rivers. The alternating relief makes for a variety of agricultural activities, with vines, crops and grassland giving the landscape a changing appearance according to the orientation of the land.

The vineyards of the Massif de Saint-Thierry are scattered along the right bank of the Vesle, on the slopes of the Côte de l’Île-de-France, and on the Butte de Brimont. The area is hilly, with mainly southeast facing vineyards, 64% of which are planted with pinot meunier, followed by pinot noir (28%) and chardonnay (8%).

The vineyards of the Ardre Valley lie on the slopes either side of the River Ardre and its tributaries. The area, known as the Tardenois, has a varied landscape, consisting of strips of plateau, hills and steep-sided valleys. The hillsides are mainly planted with pinot meunier (80%), followed by pinot noir (13%) and chardonnay (7%). Approaching the border with the department of Aisne, pinot noir becomes predominant.

In this diverse geographical region, there is also Montagne de Reims Regional Natural Park to be discovered, as well as the city of Reims itself.

This region offers the following 67 tourism services:

  • 15 wine cellars, including those of the G. H. Mümm champagne house in Reims
  • 15 places to stay, including bed and breakfast accommodation at Le Parc du Château in Hermonville
  • 14 restaurants, including the Chateau of Courcelles-sur-Vesle
  • 4 heritage sites, including the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Reims
  • 6 leisure activities, including hot-air balloon flights with Montgolfières Publicit’Air in Reims
  • 5 events, including vineyard walks in Cormicy
  • 2 tourist offices, in Fismes and Reims
  • 4 receptive tour operators