The Palais du Tau in Reims, the Palace of Kings

Thousand-year-old memories of royal coronations are omnipresent in this ancient bishops' palace in Reims.

For centuries, French kings lived here for their coronation; it is from here that royal processions departed, and after the corination, where the famous feasts would take place in the largt Salle du Banquet.

The "Saint-Ampoule," used for royal coronations since the baptism of Clovis, and the "Talisman of Charlemagne," are the most famous objects in the Treasury of the Palais du Tau.

The monument is also home to original statues from the Cathédrale de Reims, as well as an exceptional ensemble of seventeen tapisseries dating back to the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries.

The Palais is now officially classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


  • Self-guided tours with a tour pamphlet: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch

• By reservation: 2 days
Duration: 1 hour

  • Tour with an audioguide: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch (rental at the Office du tourisme de Reims)

  • Tour with commentary: French

• By reservation: 3 weeks
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes


  • At the intersection of Strasbourg / Paris and Lille / Beane highways
  • 150 kilometers from Paris
  • Departing from Paris: Highway A4, direction Reims (exit 24), then center city


Palais du Tau
2, place du Cardinal-Luçon
B.P. 2062
51072 Reims cedex