France à la Carte - The Champagne Region

Flûtes - Vignoble

Some of the most iconic sites of France can be found not far from Paris, the stunning Chateaux of the Loire to the south-west, and the magical world of Champagne to the east.

Even better, these two regions are linked by a direct high speed train (TGV) taking just 2 hours, making ‘Chateaux and Champagne’ not only an irresistible combination with a royal connection, but also a very real proposition.

They also offer a wealth of gastronomic delights, with local specialities, fine wines, special places for dining out and unusual tasting experiences that will punctuate your voyage of discovery with local colours and flavours.

Click here for more information about gastronomic visits in the Loire and read on by clicking below for some gourmet inspiration in Champagne.