Faith Ringgold

Faith Ringgold is one of those people that wants to change the world. She once said, “Art is my voice." Clearly, her ideas and actions have an impact and her message is received by many. With the support of the New Museum of New York, ACA gallery, and the Ford Foundation, for the first time in France, the Picasso Museum is paying tribute to Faith Ringgold with a retrospective exhibition currently showing through July 2, 2023. Born in New York City in Harlem in 1930 Faith Ringgold received a Bachelor of Sciences and a master’s degree in visual arts from the City College of New York.

She always knew she wanted to make art as well as contribute to her community. She is a painter, performance artist, mixed media sculptor, writer, teacher and lecturer. She created her first political paintings, “The American People Series”, at early 1960’s, after a trip in Europe. Her first and second solo exhibitions were presented at the Spectrum Gallery in New York
Faith Ringgold’s art was initially inspired by the African art of the 1960’s. In the late 1970’s, her travel in Nigeria and in Ghana allowed her to discover the rich tradition of masks, that is her greatest influence.