Around Louvre-Lens

Creativity, solidarity, and conviviality! Around Louvre-Lens, it's more than a destination, it is an authentic experience to live!

Staying around Louvre-Lens offers the unique opportunity to climb the highest slag heaps in Europe, sample the mouthwatering local gastronomy, meet visitors from all over the world at WWI remembrance sites, enjoy unspoiled nature, dive into the heart of art deco, and not to mention, visit one of the most beautiful museums in Europe! We invite you to experience the destination through the perspectives of two Canadian artists!

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Louvre-Lens through Tyler's eyes

Tyler Louvre-Lens

Sunday October 20th, 2019

"Louvre-Lens for sure does not disappoint! A must-see if you are traveling to France.

Louvre-Lens located in the small town (Lens) in northern France, of a population of 32,000. It is an offshoot of the Louvre in Paris, like a “baby Louvre.”

The Louvre-Lens was designed by a Japanese firm by the name of SANAA and is gorgeous. Nestled into an old slag heap, the structure does not impose on the surrounding community. The artifacts inside the “Gallery of Time” are presented chronologically instead of by region, by art movement, or by the artist. A refreshing way to experience an exhibit! Not only is it awesome that there are many ways to experience the space, but the artifacts are swapped out from those from the Louvre in Paris, which is enticing me to come back to see it again."

Louvre-Lens through Drowster's eyes

Olivier Louvre-Lens

Sunday, October 20th, 2019

"Lens is a former mining town in northeastern France that stopped its coal mining operations in 1986. The installation of the museum and the fact that entrance to the Gallery of Time and the Glass Pavilion is free have revived the region, both by hiring and by expanding cultural life, with more than 3.5 million visitors since it opened in 2012.

To be quite frank, I was impressed by the museum, both by the choices made in the presentation and by its real impact on a community that needed it. The kind of project that should inspire governments to invest in communities wishing to renew themselves!"