8 days gently down the stream in Burgundy

The rows of trees go leisurely by. The clouds and bridges pass over your head. And you are gently rocked by the water lapping against the side of your boat. From the banks of the Saône to the Nivernais canal, you can see all of Burgundy without losing sight of the water.

The day’s off to a good start

You’ve just had breakfast in your cabin when you suddenly remember that this amazing hotel-barge also has an outdoor jacuzzi up on the bridge.

Gone fishing

Le pêcheur du Pont de Joigny. I Phone 5S #mesvacancesdanslyonne #yonnetourisme

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The fishing rod is making its big comeback in the modern man’s possessions. Pick your perfect riverbank and stake your claim. Or set off on the Saône itself, for a bit of sport fishing.

Making waves

Drink sur le pont 💦🍸👌

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At Auxerre watersports centre, you have to choose: sailing, water-skiing, or wakeboarding?

Aye-aye captain!

You don’t even need a licence to take over the helm! You can sail the Nivernais canal determined to stop at every chateau, abbey, and wine cellar...

On your bike

Along the canal, towpaths provide a ready-made cycle path. The banks are all yours, the inclines are gentle, and the beautiful countryside welcoming at picnic time.

A day all to yourself

You paddle through the wild landscape of the Cure Valley. In the cool of the shady forest, your canoe passes caves, cliffs, old Roman baths, and a Gaul sanctuary.

Take it real easy

Here, time passes not in minutes, but in locks. From the hamlet of Port-Brûlé to the village of Sardy-lès-Épiry, the “Sardy ladder” is a meditative experience: 3.6km, 16 locks.

The late finish

Tonight, in Dijon, you’re expected on the Péniche Cancale: a floating cabaret, concert hall, or humble bistro, depending on the mood and the current programme.

Getting to Burgundy