4 virtual visits to explore Brittany

While waiting to admire the spots in person, Brittany is inviting you to explore its most beautiful landmarks. Castle, cathedral or convent, these cultural spots unveil their every magical detail 360° thanks to technology. Come along and discover the rich history of France's Emerald Coast through its cultural treasures (and from your living room!).

The capital of Brittany as if you were there

Even from a distance, you can experience the magic, from the little Medieval alleyways borded by half-timbered houses, under the gilding of the great hall of the Parliament of Brittany's lost steps, in the verdant pathways of Thabor Park and in the heart of the rainbow colors of the Place des Lices' market. Thanks to virtual reality, Rennes and its culture are available to travelers staying at home. As a bonus, the capital of Brittany unveils its most emblematic places via 360 ° videos (through the tourism site). Are you getting goosebumps yet? Come along and live in Brittany for the moment!

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Saint-Brieuc Fortress-Cathedral

Did you know that the Saint-Etienne Cathedral of Saint-Brieuc in the Côtes d'Armor is one of the few fortified churches in Brittany, and one of the nine historic cathedrals in the region? Closed for 10 years for renovations, it will reopen in the summer of 2020—but, we can already take a virtual tour through 27 360 ° panoramic scenes! Zoom in on the stained glass windows, marvel at the back view and the vastness of the nave. Without effort (or sweating!), propell yourself to the top of the impressive Brieuc Tower, behind archer's windows and loopholes. Get as close as possible to the big 4-ton bell and admire the organ desk, a work of art signed by the famous organ builder Cavaillé-Coll. To the belltower!

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In the heart of the Breton Renaissance, the Château de Kerjean

Gleaming copper pots hang from the walls of the large kitchen. In the house, an exceptional collection of regional furniture recounts the golden age of Brittany and in the chapel, the magnificently carved framework attests to the exquisite taste of the lords of the time. Welcome to Château de Kerjean in Northern Finistère, one of the most beautiful Renaissance residences in Brittany. With the click of a mouse, wander around at your own pace and explore every corner 360°. Then, save the best for last: a visit on the ramparts, with breathtaking views of the beautiful surrounding park.

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"Bienvenue au Château de Kerjean" video (External link)

In the good sisters' company at Couvent des Jacobins de Rennes convent

It’s the last place we’re talking about in Rennes, the capital of Brittany, a rehabilitated heritage treasure that became the city’s new convention center in 2018. Erected in the Middle Ages, the Convent of the Jacobins, its abbey church and its cloister reveal their secrets during an immersive and erudite guided tour (in French). Discover the “before and after” of the site, the historical anecdotes and the backstage of the archaeological excavations which led to the notable discovery of 5 mysterious lead coffins. Come along and get a taste of some haunting details before coming to Brittany!

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