Adventures for young and old in the Gulf of Morbihan

Kids and parents, we all need to get away this summer! In Brittany, the Golfe de Morbihan (Gulf of Morbihan) offers a thousand and one discoveries for travelers of all ages. From the mysteries of the Neolithic period to the legends of the coastline, set sail as a family to this land of history and traditions.

This piece of land measures about 40 square kilometres (15.5 square miles), but in this small area lies a concentration of the very essence of Brittany. The Golfe du Morbihan, in the south of the region, is an invitation to a change of scenery, with its small cove that stretches far inland, its multitude of islands and islets, its wild landscapes, its granite outcrops and its fishermen's hamlets. It's a mysterious territory where the Breton soul vibrates, filled with treasures that stir the imagination of young and old alike.

The treasure peninsula

From a boat voyage to deciphering mysterious engravings, a visit to the Cairn of Gavrinis (External link) on the Rhuys Peninsula will make any budding Indiana Jones feel like a real adventurer. Departing from the port of Larmor Baden, embark on a unique exploration of this major site, so precious to the history of the Gulf of Morbihan. It's nicknamed "the Sistine Chapel of the Neolithic" for the beauty of its ornamentation, but also for its dimensions. Six m (20 feet) high and 50 m (160 feet) wide, this impressive 6,000-year-old funeral edifice has more than one story to tell. And, the guides are more than happy to tell it! Inside, brains are be in a frenzy to identify the axes, arches and spirals carved on the walls, and comprehend their meaning. This is sure to inspire all who visit to become archaeologists.

Brave knights and ladies fair

Still on the Rhuys peninsula, after lunch, take a trip a little farther forwards in time with your family to Suscinio Castle (External link) . Inside this residence of the Dukes of Brittany, erected in the heart of the forest, facing the sea, the little adventurers can slip into the boots of valiant knights or slippers of graceful ladies. In the west wing of the castle, the myths and legends of Brittany, the cradle of Arthurian legend, are recounted by the enchantor Merlin himself. After visiting the eastern dwelling, where ancient objects and explanatory panels are on display, the life of the Dukes in the Middle Ages will at last hold no more secrets for them. Then, it's time to practice in the castle's hunting camp, where the little dukes and duchesses can learn the art of hunting and crossbow shooting.

Play like Obelix

Menhirs are not only found in comic book panels. The proof can be found at Carnac (External link) , the site where these stones that have stood proudly for 7,000 years. Carnac, classified as a historical monument, is a mystery in its own right. Was it a cult of the moon or the sun, are they symbols related to agriculture, funerary monuments? Advanced academia seks to explain these curiosities. And, as is often the case in Brittany, legend gets involved. According to some, these stones are in fact the soldiers of a frozen Roman army, stopped dead in their tracks...
After perusing the land of myth, head back to reality at the House of the Megaliths (External link) . The whole family can learn the gestures of prehistory, lighting fire, handling objects, shooting propellants during a workshop before experimenting with the movement of blocks of stone as in the Neolithic period. Rest assured, they're not nearly so massive as the menhirs!

Algae with a healthy pinch of salt

Appreciated for thousands of years in Asia, algae have more than one turn in their tide. Not content to decorate beaches and tickle feet, they'll happily surprise your tastebuds during impromptu tastings in the regional natural park of the Gulf of Morbihan. All year round, in the company of Mélanie Chouan, a nature guide presenting Escapade en terre iodée (External link) (Adventure in a salty land), little gourmets who are not too picky can discover all the flavors and virtues of edible seaweed. A source of inspiration for parents as well, who can take some advice on how to impress their guests with surprising (and delicious) plates of algae at their next dinner party.

The fishing net king

Fishing for mussels—believe us, it will be the kids' favorite activity on their trip!
Especially if it's in the company of Adrien, the passionate host of the tour company Jeux pêche tes contes, who has no equal in sharing the incredible richness of the marine environment of the Gulf of Morbihan. On these strips of coastline, covered or revealed depending on the tides, Adrien, with boots on his feet and good humor in his arsenal, will teach his merry band of apprentice fishermen to hunt for crabs, fish, shrimp and all sorts of strange animals. He even wears a little oilskin to round off his master fisherman's outfit!

We advise you to contact Adrien (External link) to check what is planned this summer.

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