From café to makers’ boutiques: spend the day in Rennes with La Mouette

Is Brittany calling? Now that Rennes is just an hour and a half from Paris, let’s go and see what’s up. La Mouette, the blogger and illustrator, takes us on a stroll around this pretty little city, not too far from the coast.

Take your time over your first coffee: La Part des Anges

Somewhat tucked away but it’s always a friendly spot to enjoy coffee, lunch, or even spend a few hours working.
2 rue Saint-Melaine

To find a gem: Mint

The shop you have to visit: run by local makers, it’s brimming with lovely pieces that are hand-made or were sourced all over Europe. Make sure you check every corner!
12 place du Champ Jacquet

Give your makeup bag a makeover: Blush

A selection of niche cosmetic brands to suit any budget, with on-point advice from David, the man behind the operation, and Camille, the cosmetics expert.
3 rue du Chapitre

For 100% made in France shopping: Made in Frogs

A little bit further along the same street, you will find accessories, interior decor items, and illustrations.
12 rue du Chapitre

For lunch on a terrace: Les Brocanteurs

Whether you sit inside or out on the pretty terrace shaded by trees, you will never be disappointed with a burger or salad at Les Brocanteurs. Special mention for the veggie burger, the Princess Leia.
2 place du Calvaire

For a breath of fresh air: Parc du Thabor

A green space in the heart of the city that is both floral and wild. Don’t forget to see it all: the rose garden is beautiful.

For a snack: Le Bistrot à Tartines

Lemonade or raspberry pie, chocolate cake, or a savoury toastie. It doesn’t matter, it’s all amazing!
2 rue des Fossés

Get decked out in flowers: Verdoyant

Verdoyant is a tiny shop selling plants, pretty flowers, and plants made up to be given as gifts.
4 rue Hoche

To indulge your inner comic book geek: M’enfin

If you love graphic novels as much as I do, the M’enfin bookshop is a real goldmine. It can be hard to leave empty-handed!
13 rue Victor Hugo

End the day with a taste of Ireland: O’Connells

Near the Breton Parliament, this Irish bar has a friendly atmosphere all the way to close. Perfect for blending in with the locals to watch a match on the TV.
7 place du Parlement de Bretagne

What’s next?

There’s loads more great places in Rennes, including:

  • La Terrasse, the café-restaurant in the Parc du Thabor, a nice spot right in the middle of the park.
  • Café Albertine, at any time of day/10 rue Comté de Lanjuinais
  • Kitchenette for lunch of a snack/2 rue Jules Simon
  • And Les Petits Papiers, a nice little shop selling paper products/ 2 place Saint-Germain
Getting to Rennes