Surprise your kids with these six super ideas for days out in Bordeaux

The elegant city of Bordeaux has undergone a massive regeneration programme and the capital of New Aquitaine now has many new attractions to entertain the whole family: the river banks have been transformed, there are numerous green spaces, unusual places where attention has been paid to the needs of young ones, as well as child friendly restaurants. And, let’s not forget Cité du Vin wine museum, recently opened, even here a young audience hasn’t been forgotten.

Tastings to understand wine while having fun

Wine… yuck! Children don’t like alcohol it’s true, but they are demanding and curious about taste. The Cité du Vin knows this well and offers an interactive tour with a junior audio guide as well as introductory tasting workshops where the whole family is invited to taste drinks with unusual colours and flavours.

Children's workshops at the Cité de vin (External link)

Extreme sports for little ones

In Bordeaux, Atlantic Sea rollers are never far away. An amazing "wave surf bar" welcomes the future stars of the surf safely, thanks to an original concept - artificial waves, just like real life, but heated to a comfortable 22°! Your children can’t keep on the board? Then Arkose awaits you and your kids. This indoor climbing park features a child-friendly area with colour coding to help children position themselves as they learn and play; there are also baby climbing sessions for toddlers.

Surf (External link) (French only)
Climb (External link) (French only)

Experiments for curious youngsters

Who says curiosity is a bad habit? Certainly not children. But whether you want to satisfy your children's insatiable thirst for discovery or just get them curious, head to Cap Sciences! Thanks to a great programme of fun exhibitions and hands-on activities, science becomes exciting and easy to understand from an early age. Discover the human body and scientific phenomena such as weather, astronomy, energy...

Cap Sciences (External link)

Innovative concept stores

A shop that is much more than just a sales space. This is the concept of Kraft which brings together a flower and toy shop but also offers creative hobbies, stationery, plus a library where you can go and read with the family. Little Fabrik, a shop dedicated to children's décor, has a doll house vibe with a beautiful selection of vintage furniture as well as a hairdressing corner and fun workshops.

Kraft (External link) (French only)
Little Fabrik (External link) (French only)

Animals in the heart of the city

On the right bank, in the commune of Lormont, Iris Farm is home to 5-hectare park where donkeys, ponies, sheep, rabbits, goats, chickens, guinea pigs and a pig live! The creatures are friendly, you can get up close to them and it’s a great way for children to learn about animal life. From the farmhouse, take a stroll to the nearby Hermitage Park, a superb ecological reserve on the banks of the river Garonne.

Iris Farm (External link) (French only)

A world of its own to explore

Welcome to Darwin, an island of experience on the right bank of Bordeaux that looks like the world after! To be precise, a disused former barracks has been transformed into an alternative third place where different passions and audiences live together in harmony. Children can play freely, go skating, admire street art frescoes, browse in the Géolibri bookshop... or dine in a child-friendly restaurant. All aboard for a world of dreams.

Darwin (External link)

Cycling without limits

With more than 160km of interconnected bike lanes, Bordeaux ranks 6th among the most cycling friendly cities in the world. A real bonus for families in the city and you can find a great variation of itineraries, downloadable from the internet. Among the must-sees are the quays along the Garonne where you can admire the splendid eighteenth-century facades of the buildings, take a trip to the Darwin ecosystem and enjoy a break at the Park Aux Angéliques.

Visit Bordeaux by bike (External link)

Gourmet and delicious breaks

In Bordeaux, great food is the order of the day, even if you have your family with you! At the restaurant Food and the Game, run by Michelin-starred chef Franck Descas, children have the right to play at the table. Nearly 300 games, some classic others more unusual, are available at noon, in the evening and at tea time. Want to get some fresh air on the banks of the Garonne? The Guinguette Chez Alriq is ideal for children - they can run about in the big garden and play with their friends.

Recommendations and advice
Sightseeing with the whole family... not always an easy task! Fortunately, Bordeaux is not only bike-friendly, but also child-friendly. The city has an excellent range of cultural activities for youngsters, and the Bordeaux City Pass includes a Junior Package that makes many activities free for 6-17 year olds. On the practical side, to find the ideal accommodation for your "little" (or big) family, remember to book your stay well in advance. When it comes to getting around, don't hesitate to make use of the soft mobility options that are particularly well developed in Bordeaux. It's a great way to respect the environment and discover the city at your own pace.

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