Culture and heritage in Bordeaux

Walk on the Quays
A day of charm through the city of Bordeaux

In the morning, start with a walk in the medieval quarter and feel its special atmosphere full of history. Stop at the Saint-Pierre church, visit the Cailhau gate on the Place du Palais, continue to the Saint-Michel district and the Capucins market, then lunch in a lively restaurant.
Place Saint-Pierre Bordeaux © Nicolas Duffaure
Place Saint-Pierre Bordeaux © Nicolas Duffaure

Market Saint-Michel © Teddy Verneuil - lezbroz
Market Saint-Michel © Teddy Verneuil - lezbroz

In the afternoon, enjoy a walk along the quays of the Garonne. Stop at one of the city's great must-sees, the Miroir d'eau where the buildings of the Place de la Bourse are reflected on a gigantic granite slab that makes this place truly magical. Continue by visiting the 18th century Opera House, St Andrew's Cathedral and the Pey Berland Tower where you can climb for a panoramic view of the city.

Place du Palais Bordeaux © Nicolas Duffaure
Place du Palais in Bordeaux © Nicolas Duffaure

Grand Théâtre Bordeaux © DUFFAURE NICOLAS
Grand Théâtre Bordeaux © Nicolas Duffaure

Afterwards, you have several options to enjoy Bordeaux in the evening:

  • Take a dinner cruise on the Garonne. You'll love the view of the city lights from the river while eating and drinking wine.

Views on the Jacques Chaban-Delmas Bridge on the river Gironde @ Alban Gilbert
Views on the Jacques Chaban-Delmas Bridge on the Garonne river @ Alban Gilbert

  • Relax in a wine bar and discover the quality of Bordeaux wines accompanied by local specialities.

  • Dine in a restaurant in the old quarter to experience the Bordeaux way of life and meet the people of Bordeaux.

Bordeaux and its monuments from the sky (External link) :

Bordeaux and its monuments from the sky (External link)
Bordeaux and its monuments from the sky youtube video

Don't miss on Bordeaux CityPass (External link)

For those who wish to make the most of their stay, the Bordeaux CityPass (External link) is really the best. This pass is available for 24, 48 or 72 consecutive hours.
There is a junior citypass for 6-17 years old with the same benefits.

• La Cité du Vin (before 12pm)
• Les Bassins des Lumières
• 15 museums and monuments
• Unlimited access to tram, bus, river shuttle
• 1 Bordeaux guided tour (to be booked at the tourist office)

Available in 3 versions:
• 24H - 31€ / pers.
• 48H - 41€ / pers.
• 72H - 48€ / pers.

CityPass (External link)
CityPass in Bordeaux (External link)

Why not set off on a hunt for traces of wine around Bordeaux (External link) ?

With this map, go out and explore the city on a history, fun and flavour-filled two-hour walk (approximately). Travel across the city from the Bordeaux Wine Council (CIVB) to the Cité du Vin, finding out along the way how wine production and the wine trade have shaped the city known as ‘The Port of the Moon’ for centuries.

Sculpted details, cobbled alleyways, espaliered vines… each step of the journey reveals the city’s strong links with wine, sometimes in unexpected ways.
Add an immersive aspect to your journey with four audio capsules using a QR Code.
On the reverse side of the map, choose from almost twenty places which you can visit in your own time, all of which are accessible on foot or via public transport: monuments, museums, heritage sites or wineries… Each place listed has its own way of telling Bordeaux’s love story with wine.

Finally, if you fancy, stop off for a tasting at one of the many addresses marked on your map. There are plenty of wine shops and wine bars ready to welcome you and share a little bit of modern wine history with you… in a glass! More info: (External link)

Bordeaux The Traces of Wines (External link)
Bordeaux - The Traces of Wines (External link)


Visite 360 Bordeaux (External link)