How about getting lost in the woods of Mysterra?

In the southwest of France, an hour from Bordeaux, a leisure park unlike any other opened last year in the middle of the woods. The attractions includes labyrinths, surveys and augmented reality.

Between Angoulême and Bordeaux, close to the vineyards of Côtes de Blaye and Médoc, lies Nouvelle Aquitaine's newest theme park. The Mysterra Park is hidden in the heart of the state forest of Montendre: 11 hectares (27 acres) of unspoiled nature, crisscrossed by labyrinth paths that invite visitors to solve puzzles or just to walk along Lake Baron-Desqueyroux.
Here, everything is fun: if they wish to do so, visitors can use their smartphones to tackle enigmas that will help them go forward in the labyrinths, taking advantage of augmented-reality clues. It's the perfect park to get a breath of fresh air with the whole family, and it offers a day that will entertain children and adults alike. Here are the top four original experiences to have in the Mysterra Park:

Finding your way in the mazes

The Mysterra Park has challenged itself to reinvent the age-old concept of the labyrinth: real and virtual at the same time, thanks to the use of augmented reality technology, its 11 paths are full of mystery. Far from the traditional labyrinth walls of shrubs, Mysterra's mazes use the woods without altering them: natural paths have been built by a landscaper to become playful. Each of the 11 labyrinths offers a different experience, focused on the discovery of biodiversity, games, sports, or art.

Discovering art in the heart of nature

One of the paths, entitled “Mysterr'art,” is dedicated to art and contemporary artists who have created works specifically for Mysterra. While following this path, you can discover a new sort of work, made with materials borrowed from nature, like a wooden sculpture. Using a smartphone or tablet, visitors who wish to do so can access all the information about this iconoclastic work.

Immersing yourself in a forest atmosphere

The Mysterressens path immerses visitors in a fascinating discovery of local fauna and flora. Along this labyrinth, you can take your time to discover the rich essences of the area, to touch and feel unforgettable nature, with help from the app will to learn a lot about the present biodiversity.

Going on a treasure hunt

Runic stones (stones engraved with inscriptions) are hidden throughout the 11 hectares of the park. By finding these stones and photographing them, visitors can accumulate points and clues that will lead them to the treasure! According to the creators of the park, it's nearly impossible to find! Ready to take up the challenge?