The best cannelés in Bordeaux!

With its pretty caramelized look and sweet perfume of vanilla and rum, the cannelé is the emblem of the city of Bordeaux. Today, they are revisited in a salty or stuffed versions. From Baillardran to La Toque Cuivrée, reveals the best places to buy and taste Bordeaux's favorite snacks!

Chez Baillardran

Founded in 1988 by Philippe Baillardran, this establishment has distinguished itself with its "Canelé": pure vanilla, an alcohol-free cannelé, perfectly sweet and too easy to eat. Since then, the brand has been offering traditional cannelés, but also confections in nougatine and Bordeaux macaroons. While strolling around the city, you can't fail to spot the bright red fronts of Baillardran!

Cannelés Baillardran (External link)

Chez La Toque Cuivrée

After Baillardran, you must stop at La Toque Cuivrée. For 30 years, it has been striving to (and succeeding in!) make the cannelés crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside! The adventure began in the 1980s, and since then, 21 stores have opened in Bordeaux, Arcachon, Niort, Brest and Toulouse!

La Toque Cuivrée (External link)

San Nicolas pâtisserie

The discerning Bordelais come to master pastry chef and chocolate maker Cyril San Nicolas' pastry shop to taste one of his "Cream'lé." Halfway between cannelés and entremets, the chef unveiled his magnum opus in 2016. The recipe is simple, but irresistible: a traditional cannelé, topped with a milk chocolate ganache, lime, salted butter caramel and a whipped cream mascarpone with vanilla from Madagascar. Since then, new varieties have appeared in his shop with red fruits, pistachio, and more. Your mouth is probably watering just think about it!

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The Maison Lemoine

Lemoine cannelés are above all a family affair. Six generations of pastry chefs have followed one another to perpetuate the traditional Bordeaux cannelé recipe, available in three sizes. Since then, Maison Lemoine has become a must-see spot, where all sweets connoisseurs come for a bite. The proof is that there are now Lemoine boutiques all over France, from Mérignac to Saint-Émilion, from Cap Ferret, all the way to Paris!

Lemoine Canelé (External link)

Chez Auguste K, the French cannelé

Auguste K has been tempting gourmands since 2018 with his original recipes. Here, the cannelé is revisited in a salty version, ideal for an aperitif snack, tapenades or eggplant caviar; another is fruity, with a sweet compote (lemon, strawberry, black cherry, etc.); another is gourmet, with chocolate, speculoos topped with salted butter caramel; and even a gluten-free version, made with corn flour! The famous Bordeaux cannelé is available in five gourmet collections and 23 exclusive finishes. Come along and try them all!

Auguste K, le French cannelé (External link)

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