La Winery at Ars en Médoc and the Wine Sign

Welcome to La Winery : The Chateau of the 21st century

Unique in Europe

A cellar containing 1001 wines from around the world, exclusive tasting sessions, a “bistronomic” restaurant, a contemporary art trail, excursions amongst the vines in a Land Rover, a 26-hectare park, avant-garde architecture, concerts and shows… You can experience all this in a single place, just a few miles from Bordeaux. The only site of its kind in Europe: La Winery, the place where you discover your own Wine Sign!

Oenological Sign: find your Wine Sign!

Discovery stage: an original experience which is revolutionizing the wine world! In an interactive, fascinating tasting session of 6 wines at La Winery, you discover the keys to your own tastes and the wines that suit those tastes. Once you have found your Wine Sign, you will always instinctively know which bottle to buy.

The 100% varietal experience: an exclusive tasting

La Winery offers the chance to go even further than just tasting wines. In a friendly, captivating environment, you will discover the grape varieties of the past and the present - some famous, some rare, some forgotten, but all a delight. Taste 5 different varietal wines, all of them a true discovery, for an outstanding experience at La Winery supervised by one of our sommeliers.

The Wine Bar: gourmet breaks

Enjoy the full range of sensations offered by wines from around the world... This is the aim of the tasting sessions given by our sommerliers at the wine bar. At the bar or on the spacious terrace, make the most of our wide choice of wines by the glass, or give in to the temptation of a wine & food combinition with one of our platters of delicious local products.

The WY restaurant: a "Bistronomic" break

Faithful to the spirit of La Winery, The Wy offers a variety of food & wine combinations in an airy, contemporary setting. Our Chef creates seasonal fare in line with a philosophy based on respect for the ingredients, while picking and choosing the best of modern techniques. Flavoursome, contemporary, creative and inspired.

The vineyards: Land Rover Excursion amongst the vines and to the cellars

Discover the wine region in a totally new way. Departing from La Winery, you go by Land Rover on a "mini-safari" in the heart of the vineyards of Château d'Arsac, one of the oldest in the Médoc. The trip includes stop-offs with commentaries amongst the vines and at the barrel cellar so that you can observe the various stages in winemaking. The trip ends with a tasting session at the La Winery wine Bar.

An artistic slant: a cultural visit

Fuel your imagination as you browse around the contemporary works of art exhibited in the grounds of La Winery. Using an audio-guide, you can share this cultural adventure free of charge and at your own pace. Bonus: there is a junior version on the visit for children age 6 to 12.

Château d'Arsac - A historic stately home.

You can also visit one of the oldest estates in the Médoc, built in the 12th century. It was in ruins when Philippe Raoux bought it in 1986, and is now a winemaking property standing on 112 hectares, most of which are in the Margaux and Haut-Médoc appellations. It also home to a collection of works by some of the greatest artists of our time.


Route de Bordeaux, 33480 Avensan