Covered in vines and bordered with rivers, along woody slopes and picturesque roads, the Jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion stretches out over 75 km² around a particularly well-preserved medieval town and is the ideal place to stay. Only 30 minutes from Bordeaux and one hour from Bergerac and Périgueux, Saint-Emilion is the perfect starting point to visit the vineyards of Bordeaux and the Perigord district.

Legend has it that the town bears the name of a Breton monk that performed miracles while living an exemplary life. In order to retire from social life, he settled in a natural grotto in 750, which can still be visited nowadays in the heart of the town. Saint-Emilion has a long history of being a commercial and prosperous village, as well as a trading centre of all the goods produced within the area (wines, grains, stones, etc.). It was also a renowned pilgrimage site, and boasts the relics of the local patron saint; the town was quite prosperous in the Middle Ages, which is reflected by its emblematic monuments such as the underground monolithic church. There is a great amount of preserved heritage to see, between its cloisters, churches, half-timbered houses, old mills, and seigniorial castles.

Whether you're walking, biking or driving, enjoy the scenic landscapes, monuments, chateaux, and even the modern architecture. A wide range of accommodations, offering various services and comforts will suit all tastes: stay in a chateau with a spa, a charming five-hotel in the heart of the town, a guest house in a vineyard, or a four-star campsite. Explore the different vineyards of Pomerol, Sauternes, Margaux, and of course Saint-Emilion, meet the winemakers, taste exceptional wines and vintages, shop on the nicest streets of Bordeaux and Saint-Emilion, discover the grottos of the Dordogne valley, and relax on the terrace of a wine bar overlooking a village during sunset.

The Jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion (including the town center and eight surrounding villages united under the authority of the medieval Jurade) was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1999, which helps to preserve, restore and share this outstanding heritage. The Tourist Office of Saint-Emilion is your main contact for easy access to all services and offers, with the Pass’Escapades, turnkey solutions suiting every budget and every wish.