Rendez-vous at Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute

The owner of some amazing Bordeaux vineyards (External link) – notably Château Pape Clément, classed in the Crus Classés de Graves- Bernard Magrez is also a passionate and generous patron of the arts.

In Bordeaux (External link) , he has created the Cultural Institute, bearing his name, with the principal mission of the support and development of contemporary art across a multidisciplinary activity programme.

Modelled on the Villa Medici, this foundation promotes art and all its functions: introducing the public to contemporary art, encouraging meetings with artists alike and supporting artists with, and in, the production of their pieces of work.

With that in mind, the Grand Prix of the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute is the chance each year for one of three exhibiting artists to win a year within the artist’s residence, having the opportunity to continue their work with the full support of the Institute.

Working in parallel to this initiative, the foundation implements a multidisciplinary programme developed over the four big vineyard estates of Bernad Magrez:

  • Château Labottière is dedicated to contemporary art with an artist’s residence that consists of four studios and an exhibition space.
  • Château Pape Clément welcomes the events which link modern art and music.
  • Tour Carnet is devoted to literary activities and support
  • Château Fronbrauge concentrates on classical and sacred music, concerts and music workshops offered by the resident musicians.

This Institute is certainly a unique project without an equal. This ambitious mission is to be found in the heart of the historically rich area surrounding Bordeaux.