The Basque Coast Trail: 7 must-see views

From Bidart to Hendaye in the Basque Country, we overlook the ocean, between cliffs and typical villages, sea and mountains. Here reveals seven must-see views along the coastal path.

Chapelle Sainte-Madeleine, Bidart

The Basque coastal path starts from Erretegia beach in Bidart and ends at Hendaye, 25 kilometres away. It can be explored in several ways, but it’s best to always walk towards Hendaye in order to have the view of the mountains. The first magnificent view is of the Sainte-Madeleine chapel. Built in 1820 on top of a cliff, it dominates the Basque coastline. Then we reach the central beach, still in Bidart.
Bidart (External link)

Chapelle Saint-Joseph, Bidart

Not far from the first viewpoint, this second chapel overlooks the famous surf spot known as Parlementia. On days of heavy swell, it’s a real spectacle here. Interpretive panels explain how the waves of the Atlantic are generated.

The port of Guéthary

The coastal path then leads to the picturesque port of Guéthary. Make a stop on the beach to observe the surfers. In season, linger on one of the café or restaurant terraces with breathtaking views of the ocean.
Guéthary (External link)

Pointe Sainte-Barbe, Saint-Jean-de-Luz

After passing the beautiful beaches of Lafitenia – a renowned surf spot – and Erromardie, you arrive at Pointe Sainte-Barbe and its eponymous chapel. From here, the view of the bay and the village of Saint-Jean-de-Luz is incredible. At the other end of the bay you can see Fort Socoa.
Saint-Jean-de-Luz (External link)

The Basque Corniche

Majestic cliffs unfold between Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Hendaye. This portion named the Basque Corniche is one of the most beautiful along the coastal path. Between the road and the cliffs, it offers walkers – and motorists! – magnificent views of the mountains, the Atlantic and the small coves below. Tip: once a year in late September, the Basque ledge becomes totally pedestrianised for the Fête de la Corniche.
Basque Corniche (External link)

Domaine and Chateau d’Abbadia, Hendaye

Approaching Hendaye, you cross the majestic estate of Abbadia. Here the trail winds through the green meadows and several viewpoints take in the coast, ocean and small coves. You can also see the neo-Gothic Chateau d’Abbadia, built in the late-19th-century for Antoine d’Abbadie. Soon the bay of Hendaye revealed, as well as the ‘Jumeaux’ (‘Twins’), two large rocks that broke away from the ledge due to erosion. It is said that soon there will be three. Accessible at low tide, their creek is a real paradise.
The Abbadia estate (External link)

Hendaye beach

The coastal path ends in the sand on Hendaye beach. In front of us are the ocean and the rocks of the Two Twins, seen from below.
Hendaye (External link)

Basque Country 

The Basque coastal path stretches from Bidart to Hendaye